Why Rajon Rondo Is Right for Calling out Heat as Whiners

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Why Rajon Rondo Is Right for Calling out Heat as Whiners
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Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo fired a shot at the Miami Heat during halftime of Boston's Game 4 victory, ESPN's Doris Burke asked Rondo what holes he was exploiting in the Heat defense.

Rondo answered, "Them complaining and crying to the referees in transition."

Sometimes, the only way to say it is to come out and tell the truth. In this situation, Rondo is right for what he said.

Of course, it almost had a reverse effect, as the Heat nearly erased an 18-point deficit. But ultimately, the Celtics evened the series up at two games apiece.

First of all, it brings to light the fact that the officiating is overshadowing what has otherwise been great basketball. While the officiating has been bad both ways, do the Heat really need to cry and whine about every single call?

As a fan of neither team, I would say the same thing if it were the Celtics doing the majority of the whining—let's quit the crying and play basketball.

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Secondly, Miami really is the last team in the world that should be crying about calls.

Let's look at all of the technical fouls that were called in Game 1 for complaining about calls, then let me ask how many times LeBron James and Dwyane Wade complain about fouls. That would be all of the time, and you don't see them getting rung up.

Then there is the pure discrepancy in the amount of calls that occur during almost any Miami Heat game.

Through Miami's 15 postseason games this season, the Heat have been whistled for only 297 personal fouls, while their opposition has been called for 377. In addition, Miami has shot 446 free throws in those 15 games, while their opponent has gone to the line only 347 times.

As far as the technical foul situation goes, the Heat have been whistled for only four, while their opponents have been rung up 22 times.

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

If any team shouldn't have a single word to say about officiating, it is clearly the Heat.

Now, I understand that they are probably the most aggressive team as far as attacking the rim, but that doesn't account for that much discrepancy.

The bottom line is that Miami gets more than their share of gifts from the men in stripes, so they can quit crying now, because no one feels sorry for them. They have two superstars in LBJ and Wade; maybe it's time they start acting like it.

Going forward, it would be nice if we could talk about basketball for the final three games of the series instead of the officiating. NBA officials have way too much impact on the outcome of a game. Hopefully, that comes to an end.

At least give Rondo the credit for speaking the truth. Then maybe all the whining and crying can stop, and both teams can just go out and play basketball.

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