Manny a Yankee?

Sean KennedyCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2009

Though this is a dreadful notion to Red Sox fans, it is quite possible, if not likely.

Given that Manny just turned down a one-year, $25M proposal from the Dodgers, it would hardly be a surprise if the free agent is sitting on a two-year offer from the Yankees that he's currently trying to leverage.

The conventional wisdom is that Manny doesn't have any options other than the Dodgers; no one truly believes the Giants will make a persuasive offer. Yet, he must have gotten a better offer from some other team, and the Yankees are the most logical choice. They have a long history of stealthily swooping in, seemingly out of nowhere, and landing coveted free agents. Mark Teixeira was only the most recent example.

Don't think for a moment that the Yankees are dissuaded by their already crowded outfield; they would gladly trade both Nick Swisher and Xavier Nady if necessary, and would surely find takers for both. It's been reported that they've already fielded calls from interested teams regarding both players.

Signing Manny would be the perfect dagger for the Yanks to wield against to the Sox, and you know they would just love to stick it in and then slowly twist. Moreover, based on his own sort of twisted logic, Manny may feel exactly the same way.

There is little doubt that Theo and Co. have considered this very possibility, if not probability. However, the rest of Red Sox Nation may not have fully considered what would be viewed as a nightmare scenario. Be prepared for a lot of pissing and moaning when/if such an event occurs.

The Teixeira heist (as perceived by Sox fans) was nothing. Manny in pinstripes will cause seizures and heart attacks all over New England, and beyond.

Don't be fooled, and don't be surprised; not even for a minute.

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