WWE: 7 Reasons That Brock Lesnar Is Just What the Company Needs

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIJune 4, 2012

WWE: 7 Reasons That Brock Lesnar Is Just What the Company Needs

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    While Brock Lesnar has technically "quit" the WWE and has decided to file a lawsuit against the company, I think it's pretty safe to say that we all know that the "Butt Kicker" is going to be back in the ring this year, especially since his infamous mouthpiece Paul Heyman made his return. 

    Is Brock what the WWE needs, though? Over the past few years, we've seen the WWE bring in older guys or guys out of the company for short-term contracts instead of pushing the young talent that they have. Is bringing Brock in the right idea? 

    To steal a phrase from Daniel Bryan, YES!

    Why do you ask? Here's why...

1. He's Got History

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    One reason Brock Lesnar is what this company needs: He's been there before. Lesnar debuted on TV on March 18, 2002 and started upon his path of destruction. Lesnar climbed up the WWE ladder, leaving numerous opponents in his wake and living up to his nickname "The Next Big Thing."

    Lesnar is what the WWE needs because he knows how to connect with the fans and what they want to see from a monster like Lesnar, and has worked from the bottom to the top in the company. Lesnar knows that his niche is to come out, dominate, and keep his mouth shut and let Heyman do the talking, something the WWE finally realized during his comeback in bringing back his manager, Paul Heyman. 

    He's been at the top before, and he's more than capable to do it again. 

2. He's Edgy

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    Another reason that Lesnar is what the WWE needs now is that he's edgy. Lesnar left on questionable terms with the WWE and then became a polarizing figure in the UFC Universe. He's not afraid to say what he's thinking and pulls no punches, verbally or physically. 

    The WWE needs Lesnar right now because everyone looks the same and does the same thing. Lesnar though, is edgy. In his first match back, the WWE Universe witnessed blood run down Cena's face, something Vince hasn't shown us for some time. 

    Lesnar is edgy and is hated by the Cenation and loved by the Anti-Super Cena crowd, which can help the WWE revive Cena's character, which has become lackluster. 

3. He's the Monster They've Been Looking for

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    Whether you like Lesnar or not, you have to admit he was a monster in his first run with the WWE and looks like a definite force to be reckoned with during his second stint. 

    The WWE has tried to make monsters out of nothing in recent history, bringing back Kane's mask, opening up Mark Henry's Hall of Pain and even turning Big Show heel, trying to make some older Superstars seem like terrifying, unstoppable forces again. While Kane is OK, he certainly isn't the Big Red Monster of old, Henry had too many injuries to stay relevant and it's hard for me to buy a guy who's been pushed as the seven-foot, 500-pound court jester of Raw as a heel all of a sudden in the Big Show.

    Lesnar, though, has got it covered. 

    Lesnar looked like an unstoppable monster after assaulting Cena for weeks and then absolutely destroying him in an Extreme Rules match that should've had a different outcome. Lesnar is the unstoppable force that the WWE has been looking for and can fill that gap...as long as it goes along with his light schedule. 

4. Paul Heyman

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    One of the biggest reasons that Brock Lesnar is just what the WWE needs is that his awful mic skills have brought Paul Heyman back to the WWE apron. 

    Paul Heyman is a professional wrestling genius. The guy knows exactly what the fans love to hate and can make a great show out of nearly anything. Hopefully, the WWE Creative team won't be too proud to let Paul toss in his two cents for storyline ideas, because hey, it's not like it can get much worse. 

    Lesnar back equals Heyman back, which equals instant WWE Universe heat. 

5. He Can Make Up for Suspended Superstars

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    While this might not have been what the WWE had in mind when they convinced Lesnar to sign on the dotted line during WrestleMania weekend, Lesnar has the opportunity to fill in some gaps this summer. 

    Randy Orton and Chris Jericho are both missing a decent part of the summer due to various violations and suspensions, which makes the roster even thinner than it already was. Lesnar resurfacing on TV in the next few weeks would be a great way for the WWE Universe to forget about Orton and Jericho for a bit and focus on the new heel in town. 

    The WWE needs Lesnar right now more than before, and hopefully, will get him back on TV to fill in some of the empty spots. 

6. He's Different

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    Another reason that Lesnar is just what the doctor ordered? He's different. Lesnar brings something new to the table. He dresses in his UFC gear, unlike the trunks and tights of the other superstars. He even fights different. Instead of the usual WWE move repertoire paired with a Superstar's "Five Moves of Death," Lesnar came out shooting Cena's legs, throwing bows and locking in the Kimura submission move all night.

    Lesnar is different, and that's something the WWE needs right now. Lesnar is a breath of fresh air to the fans...when he's actually on TV.  

7. Short-Term Contract

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    Lesnar's short-term contract may be looked at as a negative to most, but it might actually benefit the WWE. 

    The WWE is working to build up some of their young and new talent, who will take some time to get at the top of their game. The WWE can use Lesnar over the summer to cover Pay-Per-View main events and main feuds, while the younger guys like Sandow, Ryback, Cesaro and hopefully Ambrose can get set in some feuds and start pulling a lot of fans into their characters so they are ready when Lesnar leaves again after SummerSlam or towards the fall before making a push to WrestleMania 29.  

    Do you think Brock Lesnar is just what the WWE needs this summer, or should he get out? Do you like the return of the "Next Big Thing," or is it just another irritating ex-WWE superstar coming back to make WWE's young talent look irrelevant? Let me know what you think about Lesnar and the state of the WWE! 

    Thanks for reading!