The 10 Biggest Problems in Sports

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The 10 Biggest Problems in Sports

It's why people skip church on Sundays. 

It's why cities pay extra taxes for bigger stadiums. 

It's why we spend $8 on a beer and $44.99 for 30 second fights.

It's why we wear shirts, caps, jerseys and other pricey articles of memorabilia marked by our favorite teams.

It's why cursing at the TV is acceptable. 

It's what makes eating a whole bowl of pretzels in 10 minutes justifiable.

It's why we need Congress to settle disputes but hate them at the same time for intervening. 

It's why we fight with our friends and cheer alongside strangers.

It's sports.  The motion of entertainment.  The epitome of America.

But just as it is for anything that possesses unfathomable greatness, problems tend to manifest themselves.

Here are the most prominent issues in the sports world today.

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