WWE: A.J. and the 5 Nuttiest WWE Diva Characters Ever

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WWE: A.J. and the 5 Nuttiest WWE Diva Characters Ever
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WWE Champion CM Punk doesn't know what to make of A.J., WWE's beautiful but lovesick Diva.

He's not alone—no one else knows what to think about her, either.

Indeed, the last few months have seen the previously nice, grounded girl spiral into increasingly erratic and self-destructive behaviour.

She's been shown to be completely obsessed with ex-boyfriend Daniel Bryan, to the point she's been scarily stalking the man at various WWE events, despite him making it clear he wants nothing to do with her. 

A.J.'s heartbreak even led her to lash out and lay down some incredibly brutal beatings on Kaitlyn and Natalya in separate matches on SmackDown last month.

More recently, her love for her former lover has turned to cruel, cruel hate, and she's now actively cheering on his foe Punk. There have been more than a few hints she's now romantically attached to him.  

Oh, and she's also prone to wild, perplexing mood swings backstage, weeping profusely one minute, smiling and being cheery the next.

Where will this character arc go? Will she team up with Punk? Will she turn on Punk and get back together with Bryan? Will she shock everyone and end up with Kane (who's recently been inserted in the Bryan/Punk angle)? Who knows?

Hopefully the writing team has a good idea, because this is most promising and compelling Diva storyline in quite some time. 

So, with A.J.'s outrageous behaviour in mind, here is a list of the five nuttiest Diva characters to ever grace WWE television. A.J. may want to take some tips from these girls.

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