Power Ranking the Best NBA Playoff Runs of All Time

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Power Ranking the Best NBA Playoff Runs of All Time
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The San Antonio Spurs started off this postseason with a 10-game postseason winning streak. It was the 11th time in NBA history where a team has won at least nine consecutive postseason games. 

So, who are the other 10, and where do the 2012 Spurs fit in with the other great postseason runs?

Based on the Streak Finder at Basketball-Reference.com, I looked at every streak of at least nine games and factored in the total margin of victory for the tiebreakers.

There are two potentially controversial aspects to these rankings. First there is the inclusion of streaks that span two seasons. If you personally don't want to account for those, you don't have to—just mentally cross them off your own list.

However, in assembling the information, I feel that more information is better than less.

In other words, if you want to discount them yourself, you may. But if someone else feels they should be counted, it is better that the information be supplied, that way everyone can be happy.

This is really a distinction of preference more than an iron-clad right and wrong.

The other potential point of controversy is the actual order of the rankings. Some may feel that just because Team Y won 10 games in a row, it doesn't mean they had a greater run than Team Z, who only won nine in a row.

That's true, but objectivity has its benefits, too. More or less the same thing holds true as in the previous argument—it's a matter of preference. 

This is just information. I'm not married to these rankings. This is just how they're ordered based on an objective snapshot; personally, I believe objectivity has value.

There will always be those who say, "Stats don't mean everything," but they don't mean nothing, either. They are the chicken of chicken noodle soup; sure you have other things in the soup,—noodles, celery, broth and carrots as well as seasonings—but if you don't have chicken, it's not chicken noodle soup. 

Basketball analysis isn't all stats and objectivity, but if you don't have it that, you don't have analysis. I've added some of the veggies and broth into the analysis, but the rankings are objective.

With that introduction, here are the 11 greatest postseason runs in NBA history. 

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