NBA Playoffs 2012: Missed Shots Remain the Thorn in the Miami Heat's Side

Andres CordobaContributor IIIJune 4, 2012

Wade's missed shot last night allowed the Celtics to creep back in the series.
Wade's missed shot last night allowed the Celtics to creep back in the series.Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Erik Spoelstra called a timeout with 14 seconds left to try and write up one last play. The Heat were down 93-91 against the Celtics, Chris Bosh was out with an abdominal strain, and LeBron James uncharacteristically fouled out of the game.

Everyone watching this game knew the Heat were going to Dwyane Wade and placing their hopes squarely on his shoulders. 

The Heat inbounded the ball to Wade and Rajon Rondo ran over to cover him. The Heat set up a perfect screen that forced Rondo and Marquis Daniels to switch assignments. Wade faked Daniels into leaving his feet giving him a wide-open three for the win. He set up, put up the three, and hit the front of the rim. 

The Heat lost the game and return to Miami with the Eastern Conference Finals all tied up at two games a piece. The Heat should be up three games to one, but because of missed shots by Udonis Haslem in the fourth quarter, and Dwyane Wade in OT, all they have is a lot of questions.

In a future scenario, who is going to shoot the game winning shot? LeBron James is 0-3 in game-winning shots in the final 10 seconds these last two postseasons, and Dwyane Wade is 0-4.

Both are superstars that are expected by fans and their teams alike to take and make these clutch shots. Players like Jordan and Bird wanted the final shots and made them on a consistent basis. That's what made them champions.

Is this one of those LeBron James "passing up the final shot" moments? Instantly after the game ended, all over the web LeBron James was being criticized for passing up the final shot to Haslem. This was not one of those wide-open "passing up the shot" moments though.

Yes, there was time on the clock for LeBron to try and get a shot off, but in LeBron's defense Haslem was open. The pass though, was an awful pass and since it was so sloppy Kevin Garnett was able to run over and pressure Haslem into an air ball.  

Who is to blame? Yes Wade and LeBron are the ones taking the shots, but Spoelstra is the one writing up the plays. Last night however was all Wade, as the play did what it was designed to do, giving Wade an open shot. Wade and LeBron are both capable of making clutch shots as they have done it in the past but why are they not doing that now?

LeBron and Wade are great players but seem to fold in crunch time recently. The Heat need to start hitting these clutch shots or they are going to lose this series to Boston, and LeBron will be without a ring for another year.