Why The NCAA Needs To Expand The Big Dance

Logan HocuttContributor IFebruary 7, 2009

We have this discussion each year after Selection Sunday has occured in College Basketball, and that is "How did this team get left out of the Big Dance?", and are they crazy for putting this team through while leaving this team at home on the couch watching on CBS when they should be on CBS making history.

Take the 2007 Syracuse Orange basketball team. when Selection Sunday had come and gone they were sitting in the athletic facility staring at the TV trying not to believe what just happened. they had 22 wins in the season and a winning confrence record in THE toughest basketball confrence in the country the Big East, a clear snub in the tournament.

So you ask, "whats your solution?" Well its actually quite simple expand the field of 65 to 128 teams, that way you know you got everyone in that should be in. Simply keep everything like it would be for the 65 team field, and besides it's only one extra game each team would have to play.