Tennessee Titans: Get Your Freak On

Mel ToliaoCorrespondent IMarch 7, 2008

Jevon 'The Freak' Kearse has agreed to terms with the Tennessee Titans and I couldn't be happier.  Though he is 31, he shores up the Defensive End position for the Titans as Antwan Odom left in free agency. If he can remain healthy, which he hasn't in recent seasons, the Titans defensive line will be a force to be reckoned with, as it also features Kyle Vaden Bosch and Albert Haynesworth.

Of course, this isn't the only reason I absolutely love this signing.  The signing means that the Jevon Kearse jersey my friends generously gave me on my birthday 8 years ago is no longer obsolete.  It's like I've gotten a new current NFL jersey this year because the Titans got Kearse back on the roster.  This is huge for me as I am very much the superstitious fan.

Last year, when the Titans lost to the Chargers in the playoffs, I had to make a tough decision just before the game started: Do I wear my Vince Young University of Texas jersey or do I wear my Tennessee Titans jersey even though Kearse no longer played for them?  I chose to go with the current player and not the team colors, and it bit me in the ass. 

Now, I can wear my Kearse jersey, and not feel weird or as if I'm not 'fan' enough because I didn't shell out the money for a new jersey.  It's like writing a paper in a grade 12 English class and then in like your third year of university, you're studying the same material and are able to recycle most of that grade 12 paper, add some finishing touches and get a great mark. 

I just have an overwhelming feeling that everything is going to be alright.