All-Time AFC South Team: You Picked the Winners

Nate Dunlevy@NateDunlevyGuest ColumnistJune 4, 2012

The 2008 was a wonderful blur to Titans' fans
The 2008 was a wonderful blur to Titans' fansStreeter Lecka/Getty Images

For the past few weeks, I've been presenting nominations for the All-Time AFC South Team.

Now, after all the votes have been counted, we finally have the squad filled out. In the final tally, the Titans and Colts tied with five members each. The Texans had one, and the Jaguars didn't win any votes.


Quarterback: 2004 Peyton Manning (84.3%)

The only surprise is that this wasn't unanimous. The guy who voted for David Garrard should be ashamed of himself.


Running Back: 2009 Chris Johnson (51.8%)

It's tough to argue with 2000 yards. Still, this was one of the closer votes. Arian Foster also got a lot of love from the voters. Ultimately, the fans made the right call.


Wide Receiver: Marvin Harrison 2002 (72.0%)

This vote was closer than it should have been. This was one of the top-five greatest receiving seasons in history.


Tight End: 2009 Dallas Clark (88.0%)

Clark's overall career isn't nearly as good as people assume, but 2009 was every bit the dominant season the vote indicated. This was the widest margin of victory on the board.


Offensive Line: 2008 Titans (40.2%)

This was the closest vote, and the first of four 2008 Titans to win. I wonder if the 2005 Colts didn't have the better line, but they played so poorly in the playoffs that I have no problem giving this to the '08 Titans. Jake Scott played on both lines.


Defensive Tackle: 2008 Albert Haynesworth (78.1%)

This was the biggest gap of any of the defensive player awards. I think John Henderson was a little underrated, but ultimately, this was a slam-dunk.


Defensive End: 2002 Dwight Freeney (65.6%)

Whether or not this is the single best year from Freeney or an end from the South, there's no question that he has been the most dominant defensive player from the South over the past decade.


Linebacker: 2003 Keith Bulluck (69.0%)

The All-Pro handily won this vote, and I'm not going to argue with it. He was a standout for many years, and highlighting his best season seems like a nice way to recognize that.


Cornerback: 2011 Johnathan Joseph (64.7%)

This feels like a bit of a homer pick from the Texans fans. I think I would have gone with Finnegan myself. Joseph's impact was undeniable, however.


Safety: 2007 Bob Sanders (75.0%)

This was a no-brainer. Sanders was the Defensive Player of the Year, and the readers agreed he was the right choice.


Head Coach: 2008 Jeff Fisher (54.6%)

Fisher handily beat Tony Dungy from the same year. Part of me wonders if Fisher would have beaten 2006 Tony Dungy, but I stand by my choice.

Fisher is a good pick, even over Dungy who he managed to out-maneuver on a few occasions. I would still have taken Dungy, but I'm not going to dispute this call.