Roy Halladay and the Worst Bobbleheads in History

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Roy Halladay and the Worst Bobbleheads in History

As baseball fans, we're all prone to collecting useless trinkets to show our love for our team.  I, for example, always get a pack of New York Yankees baseball cards when I go to my first game of the season.  Ever year since 1996, I have partaken in what has become a tradition.

However, one fad that I will never understand is that of bobblehead dolls.  These creepy little things are meant to honor star players, but I can't imagine what's so honorable about having a little body accentuated by a giant head that goes up and down on a spring and has ridiculously exaggerated features.

Still, though ugly, some of these dolls could soon be worth a lot of money.  Take this recent model of Philadelphia Phillies ace Roy Halladay.  Think of all that you know about the star pitcher, and then see what's wrong with his bobblehead.

Thus, in honoring this goof and the scariness that are bobblehead dolls, let's look at five of the worst and scariest in baseball history.

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