Texas Rangers Trade Options: 4 Prospects They Could Use as Trade Bait

Adam Randall@@theadamrandallContributor IIJune 4, 2012

Texas Rangers Trade Options: 4 Prospects They Could Use as Trade Bait

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    With the MLB trade deadline approaching and the midseason All-Star break in sight, teams begin evaluating talent, wondering if they have what it takes to make a strong playoff push.

    The Texas Rangers, on the other hand, have been so good the past two seasons, attending both World Series matchups, despite losing each time.

    While the Rangers are having another nice season, it seems they are missing that one piece that would propel them towards a World Series win should they make it for a third consecutive year.

    The Rangers' farm system is loaded with extremely young talent that may not see the inside of a major league park for years to come.

    Players like Elvis Andrus, Ian Kinsler, and even Josh Hamilton are young enough to remain the core of a good baseball team. Without second guessing, Yu Darvish was immediately thrown into the lineup this season.

    The team hits consistently. No one is currently below a .200 average respectively.

    However, if you were going to get better right now and try to make the push and go out and win it all, adding another starting pitcher probably wouldn't hurt.

    Derek Holland's ERA is over 5.00 in 10 starts this season, and Scott Feldman is nearing that range with a 4.50 ERA and no wins in four starts.

    In the minors, the Rangers have talented pitchers in Martin Perez and Neil Ramirez, but it's hard to see them actually making it to the mound just yet.

    While it may seem unlikely that the Rangers would not be willing to part ways with some of their teenage talent, they are certainly in the position to win now and it may not be as far-fetched as it may seem.

CF Leonys Martin

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    The Rangers were hopeful that Leonys Martin could compete for a spot on the team this year in spring training, but after a few games he showed he wasn't ready for the majors. Martin's hitting seemed inconsistent, and he lacked the power he was suppose to be known for. Martin, 24, is losing opportunities as he ages and it wouldn't be shocking if the Rangers decided to part ways with him as it seems Josh Hamilton will likely re-sign before next season.

SS Jurickson Profar

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    Jurickson Profar is by far the best prospect in the Rangers organization. If the Rangers wanted to make a huge trade, it's likely they would have to include him. This season, Profar has been hitting around .300 with the Rangers' Triple-A team. While it's unlikely Profar will be going anywhere this year, it's hard to say how he will fit in with the club or what position he will be playing with considering the recent contract extensions of Elvis Andrus and Ian Kinsler.

1B Ronald Guzman

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    At 17 years of age, it's hard to see Ronald Guzman hitting a major league field anytime soon, but that could definitely be a selling point for other teams who are looking to build their minor league team around a special player. Currently, he's projected to be a mid .200 hitter sometime in his career and would likely be batting in the middle of the lineup for a team someday.

2B Rougned Odor

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    At 18, Rougned Odor has the potential to be one of the next great power hitters in the league as he hit .262 last season in the minors. Even though he is young, he has the potential to start playing in the majors a lot sooner than most players his age. If the Rangers really wanted to take a jump and use Odor as trade bait, most teams would likely bite one way or another.