WWE: Will Kane Be a WWE or World Heavyweight Champion Again?

Rob ManiseroCorrespondent IJune 4, 2012

via wwesuperstars.info
via wwesuperstars.info

In just 13 days, the WWE Championship will be defended in a Triple Threat match at No Way Out. One of the competitors is Kane, a veteran of the company for more than a decade-and-a-half, but a man who has only enjoyed two title reigns.

The word enjoyable is not what anyone would use to describe his first title reign. He took the WWE Championship from Stone Cold in a First Blood match, which was largely overshadowed by the Mankind/Taker Hell in a Cell contest that had a couple of decent spots before it. Maybe you remember them?

His reign lasted about 24 hours, and the next night on Raw, Austin got the title right back. Kane has not seen the WWE Championship since.

On the other hand, Kane won a Money In The Bank ladder match and cashed it in an hour later on an injured Rey Mysterio. His WHC reign was much more respectable, lasting from July until the TLC show in December. Along the way, he beat the Undertaker on three consecutive PPVs.

Since then, however, Kane hasn't been in the same vicinity as gold, but his resurrection has given him a new lease on life. Since returning last December, Kane has feuded with John Cena and Randy Orton, two of the biggest names in the WWE.

Now, he finds himself thrown right into the middle of the WWE Championship feud, which is a move that makes it seem as if the company will go out of its way to annoy the IWC.

Even though many people want to see CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan, Kane is a tested performer who can deliver more often than not. With the other participants involved and a strong showing on SmackDown last Friday, there's no reason to think the Triple Threat match won't be successful.

But does Kane actually have a chance of winning at No Way Out?

Realistically, there's a small chance that Kane will gain the gold, but with the WWE enjoying throwing out curveballs every so often, it cannot be completely ruled out. In this situation, however, it would be more productive if CM Punk lost to the momentum-building Daniel Bryan than the reliable veteran.

While the shot of a title run for Kane doesn't look good, what about the future?

Kane will most likely not be around for too much longer, and the timing would have to be right for him to get the opportunity. With a lack of main event talent in the WWE these days, another run for the Big Red Monster cannot be ruled out entirely.

Nonetheless, it seems the stars would have to align just right for Kane to enjoy one more run at the top. At this point in his life, the gold would be a final accolade on a Hall of Fame career. Other than that, Kane doesn't need it at the age of 45, and if he does not succeed at No Way Out, he might not get many more opportunities.

Plus, if anybody is going to take the title off of CM Punk right now, it should be Daniel Bryan.