WWE: 10 Matches Brock Lesnar Will Have Before This Run Ends

Trevor MedeirosCorrespondent IJune 4, 2012

WWE: 10 Matches Brock Lesnar Will Have Before This Run Ends

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    Since returning to WWE back in April, Brock Lesnar has only faced one man: John Cena.

    Surely, WWE fans would love to see the monster, who was once affectionately dubbed the Next Big Thing, face off against several other WWE superstars before his one-year contract is up next year (that is, unless he makes an early exit for UFC).

    The question then becomes exactly which wrestlers will step into the squared circle against Lesnar over the coming months?

    Here are 10 WWE stars likely to eventually face Lesnar, for various reasons.

Randy Orton

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    For weeks, rumors were circulating that Brock Lesnar was set to embark on a feud with the Legend Killer, Randy Orton. Those rumors were put on the back burner after Orton received a 60-day suspension from WWE for another violation of the company’s Wellness Policy.

    But just because Orton is gone for now that doesn’t mean a Brock-Orton showdown won’t happen. I fully expect these two megastars to eventually collide before Lesnar’s one-year contract with WWE is up.

    An Orton-Lesnar rivalry makes sense, given that both came up at virtually the same time (during the Ruthless Aggression period) to become two of the biggest stars in recent WWE memory. And WWE could book the match as “Youngest Champion vs. Youngest Champion.”

    In case you’ve forgotten, Orton was the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history, while Lesnar was the youngest WWE Champion ever. 

Triple H

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    Triple H was knocked out of commission after Brock Lesnar snapped his arm via the lethal Kimura arm bar a few weeks ago on Monday Night Raw. Something tells me Triple H will be looking for vengeance when his arm eventually heals, say around SummerSlam?

    A Lesnar-Triple H main event at SummerSlam is what WWE bookers are banking on, and rightfully so.  These are two of the most decorated and most popular superstars to ever step into a WWE ring.

    And both have similar brutish fighting styles, so you’d expect a pretty even and competitive match. Sure, Triple H doesn’t have the MMA background that Lesnar—a former UFC Heavyweight Champion—possesses.

    Nevertheless, you’d be foolish to count the Game out of any kind of battle. They don’t call him the Cerebral Assassin for nothing.

    This match should blow the roof off of the Staples Center this August.

Brodus Clay

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    Let’s not kid ourselves here. A match between Brock Lesnar and the Funkasaurus Brodus Clay would be nothing more than a squash match, pure and simple.

    Clay looked quite vulnerable after the beatdown he suffered at the hands of the Big Show on a recent episode of Monday Night Raw. Nevertheless, Clay’s undefeated streak remains intact.

    Upon his return to WWE television, Lesnar should be the one to end the streak. It would be a feather in Lesnar’s cap that he can boast about to Triple H in the weeks building up to a potential SummerSlam showdown. And having Lesnar destroy the enormous Clay would be another way to book Lesnar as a dominant monster, not that he needs much help in that department.

    Plus, Clay can call his momma afterwards to cry about how he got his ass kicked by Lesnar.


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    There are only a few wrestlers in WWE who can stand up to the size and physicality of Brock Lesnar, and World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus is certainly one of them.

    Sheamus is billed at 6’4”, 270 lbs and his High Cross and Brogue Kick certainly pack quite the power.

    If WWE wants Lesnar to win one of its major titles, then it makes sense for Sheamus to drop his belt to the Next Big Thing. On Raw, CM Punk continues to be a wildly popular WWE Champion, while Sheamus hasn’t received nearly the pop from fans with gold around his waist.

    Getting the fans to respond to the polarizing Lesnar as World Heavyweight Champion certainly wouldn’t be a problem for WWE.


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    The closest WWE may ever come to another Brock Lesnar and Goldberg match would be a fight between Lesnar and newcomer Ryback. So far, Ryback (formerly Skip Sheffield) has looked the part of Goldberg.

    He’s been dominating opponents in the ring since his recent arrival. But of course, squaring off against a guy like Lesnar is a whole different ballgame. The bookers at WWE could take this in two directions.

    They could either have Lesnar squash Ryback upon Lesnar’s eventual return to WWE airwaves, or keep building up Ryback and have him eventually face Lesnar on Raw.

    Either way, an eventual Lesnar and Ryback match appears inevitable to me.

Daniel Bryan

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    Hands down, in terms of technicality and pure skill, Daniel Bryan is the best wrestler in WWE today. And for that reason, a match between Bryan and Brock Lesnar would be very interesting.

    I’d be curious to see how Bryan and Lesnar’s contrasting styles would mesh in the squared circle. Lesnar is an overpowering brute with a lengthy MMA background, while Bryan is agile and can make you tap in an infinite amount of ways.

    Plus, it would be easy for WWE to flip Bryan back to a face to go against the heel Lesnar. Bryan is over with so many fans that it’s almost like he’s a face anyways (although he plays a great heel).

    A Bryan-Lesnar feud? “Yes!”


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    For weeks, the Internet Wrestling Community has been speculating that former WWE megastar Batista would follow in Brock Lesnar’s footsteps and make a return to the company. If that does materialize, then you must get Batista in the same ring as Lesnar immediately.

    Physically, Batista is one of the very few wrestlers on the planet who can match Lesnar on the tale of the tape.

    And if WWE booked it right, a match between these two monsters would make up for the fact that the highly anticipated showdown between Lesnar and Goldberg back at WrestleMania 20 was an absolute dud.

    There may not be a ring big enough to contain Batista's and Lesnar’s testosterone (or egos, for that matter), making for one entertaining bout.


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    Call me a hardcore peep, but I simply think Christian is one of the most underrated WWE wrestlers in history. He hasn’t aged despite being in professional wrestling for nearly two decades, is sound in the ring, has found success in both WWE and TNA and can cut promos with the best of them.

    Now that WWE is booking him as a baby face, the sky is the limit for Captain Charisma. So why not book him in a match with Brock Lesnar?

    Now that Christian has added the frog splash and his BFF Edge’s spear to his repertoire, Christian has the skill set to hang with Lesnar in the ring.

    And you could have Christian do the heavy lifting on the mic in terms of cutting promos between him and Lesnar. While you may disagree with a Christian-Lesnar match, you must admit that the possibility is at the very least intriguing. 

CM Punk

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    It would be pretty intriguing to see the self-proclaimed “Best in the World” CM Punk eventually face off against Brock Lesnar in the ring. After all, Punk is considered WWE’s top face at the moment, right up there with John Cena.

    And whenever Lesnar does return to WWE television, he’d undoubtedly be booked as the company’s top monster heel, a destructive force that can’t be stopped. Well, perhaps Punk is just the guy to stop him.

    In terms of physical stature, this matchup definitely favors the much bigger Lesnar. But Punk is as sound as they come in the ring. He’s definitely capable of cutting the big guy down to size with his fury of martial arts kicks, submission moves and his Randy Savage elbow drop.

    Plus, both Punk and Lesnar are Paul Heyman guys, so that angle would definitely add some spice.

The Rock

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    I’d be absolutely shocked if WrestleMania 29 next March doesn’t feature a match between Brock Lesnar and the Rock. As soon as Lesnar returned the night after WrestleMania 28, many were already longing for a Brock-Rock match.

    Fans already saw Rock and Brock throw down in a historical match back at SummerSlam in 2002. That match was a passing of the torch of sorts, as the rising Lesnar defeated the established Rock to become the youngest WWE Champion ever.

    A rematch between these two titans at next year’s WrestleMania doesn’t have to be for any title—it will likely be epic nonetheless if it were to come to fruition.