What Does the Future Hold for Boogeyman and Jay Lethal?

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What Does the Future Hold for Boogeyman and Jay Lethal?

Well last week I looked at the future's of Evan Bourne and Hernandez. This week I'm going to look at The Boogeyman and "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal.

As the Boogeyman probobly has never had a full article written about him because nobody has really looked at him, as Jay Lethal is much younger and full of potential.

First I'll look at ECW's Boogeyman...

Now the Boogeyman is comin to getcha. Actually, not really anymore. In 2005 when he made his debut, he had this really unique gimmick which had made everybody love him. Now with absolutely no tweak in his gimmick and almost four full years later, he is boooriiinng.

We see the same thing every week. First the body splash into the turnbuckle, then a few suplexes, the pumphandle slam, a little bit of dancing around in the ring, and we have a winner.

But then after the match, we see the worms which is so stale. Striker and Grisham try to sell it as something we had never seen before, but we all have. Boogey will worm the jobber and spread worms in the ring and the announcing table.

Though Boogeyman probably will not have anything big in his future due to his age, he could still have a United States title reign but he needs something new in his gimmick. He can always still have at least some kind of change to his gimmick, like maybe a new insect to eat or something else like a manager but it does not look likely.

In conclusion, do not expect a great future for the Boogeyman if his gimmick remains the way it is. By the way, would you ever like to see a Kizarny/Boogeyman alliance? I wouldn't mind it.

And there is no dream match I would like to see Boogeyman in, so I'll name something cool.

Boogeyman Dream Match: Kane vs Boogeyman vs Kizarny vs Undertaker

The next star I am going to talk about is "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal. Now Jay has all the skills to be a star beyond what he is in now. He is still young, athletic, great skills on the mic, and a gimmick that he has mastered.

Though I'm not a fan of him stealing the gimmick from a legend like Randy Savage, but Lethal has it down. Also, Jay is in a new and extremely talented tag team with Consequences Creed called "Lethal Consequences."

Over the years in his career in TNA, Lethal has been a part of some of the most historic moments like his win over Kurt Angle at Bound for Glory and his matches in the X Division.

He is also currently in the Frontline which I believe is good for Lethal. In conclusion, there is so much potential for him and TNA will take full advantage of his abilities.

Jay Lethal Dream Match: Jay Lethal vs Shawn Michaels in a ladder match

That concludes the third segment of What Does the Future Hold For? and next week I will look at Robert Roode and Cody Rhodes.

Until next time...

I am THE DJ Rallo..

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