Fantasy Basketball Team Names

Ryan LesterSenior Writer IFebruary 6, 2009

I did this for fantasy football, and it was a lot of fun, so why not try it for hoops?  If you’re looking for a new fantasy team name, here are some ideas.
Snake Chalmers - Tribute to Mario Chalmers, who strikes with snake-like quickness when stealing the basketball.
Anyone Have a Brand Aid? - Elton Brand is done for the year. 

The Lone Granger - With the Pacers 19-31, Danny Granger must think he’s out there by himself on most nights.
Deron it Up - Deron Williams has been tearing it up lately.

Cara-Melo - Carmelo Anthony has been sweeter than candy since his return.

That’s A’mare - When he flies 'bove the rim and boards like Big Tim (Duncan), that’s A’mare.