Jack Swagger: Black Hole of Charisma or Is There Something Else There?

Jacob RachwalCorrespondent IIIJune 3, 2012

Jack Swagger: Black Hole of Charisma or Is There Something Else There?

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    A person who has garnered a lot of discussion over the past few years is Jack Swagger.

    The guy is huge and a very talented wrestler. However, his biggest drawback has been is inability to connect with the fans.

    I strongly feel that this is a result of his speech impediment that causes him to have a lisp. However, the WWE did not make it easy for for him either.  

    Once it became apparent that the impediment was there, they made a direct effort to use it in the storylines as a way for the baby faces to make fun of him. Thus, it made him a joke in the eyes of the WWE fans.

    One Idea that has been passed around by fans who see the potential in Swagger was to make him a no-nonsense tough guy who doesn’t have to speak.

    The WWE stepped slightly in this direction by paring him with Vickie Guerrero, however, he hasn’t been able to be a true tough guy. His character has been fodder for the likes of Santino Marella and Brodus Clay. 

    Here are some recent attempts by Swagger to show his potential via homemade videos:

Topless Q & A

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    Recently, Jack Swagger has dabbled in online videos in an attempt to show his charisma. He introduced two episodes of Jack Swagger Topless Q & A. 

    These videos can be found here.

    The videos aren't great, but I think they show that he has some charisma and is not a black hole. 

Up Close and Personal

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    The following two slides also show two videos that were taken from Jack Swagger’s YouTube channel.

    This is a playful video that shows that Swagger is quite comfortable with his wife. My message to WWE: bring her in and make her Jack Swagger's valet.

    She is comparable to any current WWE Diva on TV right now.

Making of the Sidepart

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    This video shows Jack Swagger working on his patented “side part.”  This seems like the character that he was made to portray. The stereotypical jock who is totally into himself.

    Why hasn’t WWE capitalized on this? 

Give It a Shot

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    I really think that he just needs an opportunity to shine.

    Like I mentioned in the previous slide, bring his wife in to be his valet. For an extra touch, you could even give him a couple more divas and give him multiple valets. I really think he could pull it off.

    I do not believe that Jack Swagger is a black hole of charisma. On the contrary, I think he has a lot that he can offer if he was only given the chance to be more than fodder.

    He has all of the tools; he just needs the company to get behind him and show some confidence in his ability to be an entertaining performer.