The TNA Hall of Fame: Celebrating the Mediocre

Nathan WintersContributor IIIJune 3, 2012

The TNA Hall of Fame: Celebrating the Mediocre

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    Throughout its many re-brandings, many incarnations and the debuts and departures of multiply influencing factors, consistency has been the key for TNA Wrestling. Consistency in delivering a mostly mediocre product.

    But rather than spend a week and half writing about the bad and often the ugly and mostly inane booking, angles and ideas that have graced the TNA stage, I'll spend a few moments reliving the good: the talent.

    All in all, and above all else, TNA has been blessed with one of the best professional rosters ever. The company has mixed veterans, world-class athletes, industry leaders and innovators and some of the most iconic performers of yesterday and today.

    Today, I celebrate some of the potential inductees into the TNA Hall of Fame.

A.J. Styles

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    One thing has remained consistent over the last 10 years: A.J. Styles.

    A.J. Styles is TNA. He can't talk, he can't act and he sure as hell can't cut a decent promo, but pound for pound A.J. Styles is the best professional wrestler in the World. Period. And has been for the better part of a decade.

    From defining the X-Division to becoming the glue that holds the Impact Zone together, A.J. Styles is TNA.

Cowboy James Storm

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    Like Styles, James Storm is still an active competitor. And like Styles, these guys are truly responsible for any success the company has achieved.

    Cowboy James Storm has done it all. For four years, he was one half of the best tag team in the World: America's Most Wanted. Fast forward to 2007 and he became one half of, again, the best tag team in the World: this time, Beer Money Inc.

    A World Championship later, James Storm is one of the most decorated home-grown talents in TNA history.

Chris Sabin

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    There's a theme here, folks. So far, all these inductees have been active competitors.

    The likes of Nash, Foley, Rhyno and Raven may have come and gone over the years. Yet these are the guys who are responsible for the fact that the walls of TNA still standing upright.

    When Styles move upwards and onwards from the X-Division, a kid by the name of Chris Sabin moved in.

    Sabin went on to win something like four X-Division Championships, host the Super and World X Cups and be a cornerstone of the X-Division for pretty much the entire decade. Add to that the fact that Sabin was part of the coolest Tag Team in professional wrestling, the Motor City Machine Guns, and he is clearly underrated to say the least.

Christopher Daniels.

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    The trend continues.

    Christopher Daniels lives in the shadow of A.J. Styles. Despite that, the Fallen Angel has been a pivotal part of TNA since his debut.

    Daniels is a seven-time Tag Team Champion and four-time X-Division champion. Daniels, like Styles, Storm and Sabin have helped define TNA and has been one of TNA Wrestling's most consistent performers since 2002. 

Jeff Jarrett

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    Without Jeff Jarrett, there would be no TNA. Simple.