WWE Youth Movement: 4 Reasons Tyson Kidd vs. Damien Sandow Would Be Great

Michael BroughtonAnalyst IJune 9, 2012

WWE Youth Movement: 4 Reasons Tyson Kidd vs. Damien Sandow Would Be Great

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    On Friday Night, Damien Sandow seemed ready to do his usual segment. He would talk trash, beat the crap out of someone and walk away. While I'm a huge fan of his character, it's just about time for him to enter a real rivalry. We may have finally seen this on SmackDown!

    After threatening to beat up the defenseless HornSwoggle, Tyson Kidd came out to make the rescue, pulling off a sweet springboard missile dropkick. However, when Tyson turned around to help out HornSwoggle, Sandow took advantage and attacked Kidd. While, WWE could pull off their usual stuff. and forget it ever happened, I would love to see tonight's actions ignite a rivalry between these two.

    Both men are all-around solid performers and would work great together. I feel both Tyson and Sandow are ready for an opportunity, and this may in fact be their time. If these two do actually go at it, it has the potential to be something special.

    Here are four reasons why these two could create a stellar feud together.

No. 1: Great Matches

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    First and foremost, a match between these two could be brilliant. I already know Tyson's technical skills are untouchable and form what I have seen thus far; Sandow looks great as well. Their wrestling styles have multiple differences but could easily mesh together, as Kidd can always pull off a good match.

    The only issue is WWE rarely gives long matches to lower midcard wrestlers. It would be a major shock if WWE gave these two a shot to prove themselves for longer than five minutes. I would sure love too see it, and I assume my readers feel the same way.

    With John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis main eventing Over the Limit, a match of this caliber is much needed. Look out, because a long enough match between these two could create history.

No. 2: Tyson Kidd Is Underrated on the Mic

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    We all know Damien Sandow is golden on the mic. His annoying, yet intelligent, insults are perfect for generating heat, which is needed for a lower-card feud. However, when people speak of Tyson Kidd, his mic work often goes unnoticed. While he's far from perfect, he can certainly pull off a decent promo with the right guy. Not to mention, he will only get better with more experience.

    For this feud to reach its full potential, both men will need to cut promos. Whether it's a backstage interview, or a face-to-face confrontation, promos will be the best way to advance the storyline quickly. 

    Tyson's never-say-die attitude is perfect for a snobbish character like Damien. It seems like Sandow can mesh with anybody on the mic, but Kidd's character will only make things easier.

    While some may think a segment with these too would be a disaster, I would love it. If WWE does want to make it work between these two, a few promos will be a necessity.

No. 3: Kidd Can Finally Fit into a Role on SmackDown

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    Since I can remember, I have been hoping for Tyson Kidd to finally get the opportunity he deserves. After he split up with DH Smith, I thought he would receive a push, but it didn't happen. WWE once again fooled me when a rivalry between Kidd and D-Bry ignited, yet nothing happened once again. WWE seemed to flirt with it, but sadly, never pulled the trigger.

    Kidd appears on SmackDown! once in a while as a jobber, but his true home is NXT (sadly). However, he doesn't real have a storyline going on NXT, so he could easily shift over and make an immediate impact. With newer guys getting opportunities, it's only a matter of time before WWE finally realizes that Tyson Kidd is truly a diamond in the rough. 

    His skill set is one of the best, and as I said earlier, his promo work isn't as bad as people say. I'm not saying he's ready for the main event, but Tyson has proved on multiple occasions that he deserves to be noticed.

No. 4: Pushing Younger Superstars

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    This has became a glaring weakness in the WWE over the past few months. With ratings on the decline, WWE has failed to create any big stars around John Cena.

    Just two weeks ago, Cena took the night off, and ratings went completely downhill. WWE needs to start looking towards the future and finding guys who can carry this industry into the future.

    When Hulk Hogan was around, there were guys like Jake Roberts, Randy Savage, The Ultimate Warrior, Undertaker, and even Andre the Giant. During the Attitude Era, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Kane, Undertaker and Mick Foley all stepped up to create a historic time period for wrestling. Even during the Ruthless Aggression Era, multiple superstars held the reigns. However, in today's wrestling business, everything and everyone revolves around one man—John Cena.

    While I respect Cena for everything he has done and believe he can pull off a great match, he should not do it alone. It seems as though he has gone to a point of no return, and WWE will be stuck in a complete abyss until they somehow find a way to correct their drastic mistake.

    While Kidd and Sandow aren't ready to take on John Cena anytime soon, pushing younger superstars could help create a much brighter future for the WWE.