WWE/TNA: Top 10 Moments from May 2012 in Pro Wrestling

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterJune 3, 2012

WWE/TNA: Top 10 Moments from May 2012 in Pro Wrestling

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    It has been a wild 30 days in the wrestling business. After the great WrestleMania XXVIII event in April, the industry just kept on going into May.

    With all things, it is fun to look back and reflect. The past month will definitely be remembered for many years to come. Good and bad, there was plenty to discuss.

    What were the most memorable moments? Let's find out!

10. Christian Returns

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    I am a fan of Captain Charisma.

    His 2011 campaign was the best in his entire career. Sadly, the past few months have not been up to par. Since he returned a few weeks ago, it has been hit or miss.

    He returned to action at Over the Limit. Defeating Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental Championship was a nice welcome back.

    My concern is still the same weeks later.

    He began 2011 as a face. Months later, Christian turned heel. Now, he is back again as a face.

    Sorry, that needs to be worked on...

9. Three-Hour Raws

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    On May 17th, WWE announced that Raw would be three hours each and every week starting in July. I suppose I should let things play out.

    Will the first hour be a pre-show?

    Will there be an exclusive Cruiserweight hour?

    Will lots of new talents be exposed in longer matches each week?

    Honestly, there are tons of ways to go here. All of them are intriguing. None of them will matter.

    As positive as I am in life, I can't comment too much on the three-hour decision. My thoughts on this are not pretty.

    All I will say is that I would be shocked if this move lasted more than six months.

8. Injunction

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    TNA Impact Wrestling seems be going to court with WWE. When this news came out a few weeks ago, I laughed about as loud as I can ever remember.

    While many are jumping on the "lawsuit" bandwagon, it is not officially that just yet. Right now, it is simply an injunction that may become a lawsuit.

    The topic at hand is just ridiculous beyond belief.

    Whether you are a fan of both companies or not, May 2012 will be remembered for starting one of the most laughable court cases in the history of the business.

7. Heyman Returns

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    Paul Heyman appeared inside a WWE ring. Speaking for Brock Lesnar, he was back in a WWE storyline after many years.

    It was a long time coming, and he fit right in. While his lack of a crowd reaction spoke volumes, I was always a fan of his. In 2012, I just wonder how many fans even know who he is.

    Either way, it will be fun to see him back in the fold once again.

6. Jericho Incident

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    WWE was right for suspending Chris Jericho.

    Even he understood this, and he apologized.

    He will be back in no time, and his career will not be tarnished one bit.

5. Jumping Ship

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    For the entire month of May, there have been talents ready to leave TNA.

    The past few weeks have seen Scott Steiner, Traci Brooks, Anarquia, Brian Kendrick, Anthony Nese, Shannon Moore, Alex Shelley, Ric Flair, Matt Morgan and now Chris Sabin either rumored or confirmed to be leaving.

    Make no mistake, there will be more. For whatever reason, some do not fit in with the current regime. Where they go from here is anybody's guess.

    The talents may be "no-names" right now, but I seem to remember a few other "no-names" leaving WCW many years ago...

4. Orton Suspended

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    Randy Orton has been suspended for 60 days.

    It is not his first run-in with company officials. Hopefully, it will be his last. The man has not had a great 2012 campaign, so this is not a huge, huge loss right now.

    Being a huge fan, I can say that.

    When he comes back, the man better be ready to go. The company needs all the talent in the world right now to perform top-notch.

3. Live Impact

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    To close out May, TNA Impact Wresting decided to go live. Also, they decided to move up an hour. Heading into the summer, that makes (zero) sense.

    Needless to say, the show was memorable, but for all the wrong reasons.

    The show starts with Sting defeating Roode (TNA Champion) clean in the middle of the ring. Yes, he made him tap out. Hulk Hogan calls the Stinger "the No. 1 man" in the company. Sure, why not?

    Dixie Carter and Brooke Hogan have a ridiculous segment. They looked like two best friends chatting it up, not realizing they were on national television. As expected, there was no Knockouts match.

    Of course, TNA announced they will be getting a Hall of Fame soon. 10 years into existence, they feel they have "honor" and "prestige" to make a legitimate induction. My, oh my, folks!

    Maybe King Mo will be a future inductee?

    Throw in the usual A.J. Styles vs. Daniels nonsense. The laughable "shoot" aspects are still there. Why doesn't Roode just stop in the middle of a match and talk about how well his "heel" mic skills are?

    TNA is telling us all the show is scripted anyways. Impact is openly telling us nothing is real. Yet the next segment, I should care about the wrestlers again. Are we sure Vince Russo is gone?

    Congratulations on the 0.89 rating, TNA! You deserved it...

2. Bryan vs. Punk

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    Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk was the WWE Championship match at Over the Limit.

    Think about that, folks. No matter what happens going forward, the two can always claim that they were a main event-level match on a WWE pay-per-view.

    It was a major moment for both men, and they delivered big time. The two did what they did best.


    As many know, my only concern is how many fans actually paid to see the event. Since the buy rate is not out yet, we will have to wait and see. Obviously, I have my doubts on this being a "big draw" in WWE.

1. Big Show Turns

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    The biggest story of May was Big Show turning heel.

    He had not been doing much of note for a while. Him becoming a "monster" again was always his best character. This was a much-needed move on so many levels. Everything made perfect, logical sense heading into Over the Limit.

    During the main event of the show, we saw the story fall into place. Show helped John Laurinaitis pin John Cena, and the rest is history.

    The top man in the industry (Cena) has a new heel to wrestle (Show), and a big pay-per-view match is set for June. You couldn't ask for much more than that.

    As you can tell, it was a very interesting month. While these are simply my opinions, feel free to discuss your best and worst moments during May.

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