WWE: Why Randy Orton Is a Definite Future Hall of Famer

Joseph LisnowCorrespondent IIIJune 3, 2012

Randy Orton is the current and future of the WWE. Photo by WWE.com
Randy Orton is the current and future of the WWE. Photo by WWE.com

In the early part of Randy Orton’s WWE career he used the word destiny quite often, whether it was a reference to winning a particular match, championship or simply describing himself. In the 10 years he has been on the main roster, he has fulfilled these bold statements gaining a fanbase along the way and making him a surefire WWE Hall of Famer.

After Orton turned heel for the first time and joined the stable Evolution, it was clear that the WWE had high hopes for this young man as he would be referred to as “The Legend Killer.” With this gimmick, he would go on a several month run where he would take out current and future Hall of Famers either by physical force or by literally spitting in their face. At the age of 24, all of this momentum came to a head when Orton would become the youngest person in WWE history to be World Champion at SummerSlam in 2004. Though his first reign would last just a month, it showed the faith that the WWE had in him.

Over the next eight years, he would become a one-time Tag Champion, one-time Intercontinental Champion, capture the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship a combined nine-times and win the 2009 Royal Rumble all by the age of 32.

Leading up to his Royal Rumble win, Orton created his own stable known as Legacy. With this group he would take two young wrestlers in Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. (who just like Orton are third generation superstars) and establish them has future champions. Under Orton’s leadership, the group would have success together and gave these two wrestlers the rub needed to become singles stars. It was a reversal of roles for Orton compared to his time in Evolution. In Evolution, he was the student and now he became the teacher passing on the wrestling knowledge he learned from Ric Flair and Triple H.

It was during this time as the leader of Legacy when Orton took on the demeanor of being psychotic and having no remorse for his actions. This would be best portrayed when he RKO’d Stephanie McMahon on RAW one night. The significance in this storyline was that the WWE finally revealed that Stephanie was married to Triple H in real life, after their actual relationship was teased countless times for years by the company. Everyone wondered how, or if, the WWE would ever acknowledge this relationship and Orton’s actions finally allowed this fact to be made public. This would lead the two wrestlers to main event WrestleMania 25 and further show that Orton was the future.

With Orton there always comes controversy. He’s been suspended several times by the WWE for violation of their Talent Wellness Program and inappropriate backstage actions in and out of ring. Currently, he is serving a 60 day suspension that began on May 30. But all of this does not matter as he is one of the top names in the company. He’ll serve his suspension and immediately return to the main event level as he is that important to the WWE.

Whether working as a heel or face, Orton does his job and he is one of the best at it. One day the audience is purchasing is merchandise like crazy and the next they want to boo him out of the arena, all due to how he controls their view of him. He comes from a unique mold that can change ones opinion of him quicker than he can hit the RKO. Regardless of how long Orton stays an active wrestler or other accomplishments he may reach, it is safe to say he is destined to be in the WWE Hall of Fame.