How Short Will Mark Sanchez's Leash Be with Tebow on the Bench?

NFL Draft 365Official AccountJune 3, 2012

There’s an old Police song that has the lyrics, “Every move you make, I’ll be watching you.” You have to believe that’s what Jets QB Mark Sanchez has felt the past few years. With the addition of one Tim Tebow, that feeling of being watched has to be escalated to new heights. 

If the Tebow-Sanchez scrutiny in OTAs is any indication of what’s to come in training camp and ultimately the regular season, we’re all in for quite a ride.  The OTAs were covered like playoff games vs. relatively insignificant workouts. 

Recently, the Jets' all-world cornerback Darrell Revis told the New York Daily News, “I feel very comfortable and confident with Mark. This is his fourth year. I've been with him since he was a rookie. The guy took us to two AFC Championship games.”

Revis is definitely on Sanchez’s side, but will Rex Ryan be on his side after a very tough first-half schedule. Weeks 2 through 7, the Jets play four teams that won at least 10 games and reached the playoffs last year.

It’ll be an early test to see how well Sanchez sustains this tough early schedule, which includes such tough defenses as the Steelers, Dolphins, 49ers and Texans.