Euro 2012: 5 Past and Present Wags of Poland, Ukraine and Croatia

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso@AlvarezGallosoChief Writer IJune 3, 2012

Euro 2012: 5 Past and Present Wags of Poland, Ukraine and Croatia

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    While the world prepares for the first day of Euro 2012, the time has come for another slideshow dedicated to WAGs (Wive and Girlfriends of Athletes) in countries participating in this event.

    The slideshow is dedicated to the WAGs of Poland, Ukraine and Croatia. The reason is that they have received (with certain exception) little or no publicity compared to WAGs from Western Europe, Russia, and the Americas.

    The time has come to give the countries of Central Europe especially Poland, Ukraine, and Croatia the positive publicity it deserves. It is hoped that this slideshow could serve this purpose.

    What can be said about Poland, Ukraine, and Croatia?

    Poland and Ukraine are the hosts of Euro 2012. Poland is in Group A with Russia, Greece and the Czech Republic.

    The Ukraine is in Group D with England, France and Sweden. Croatia is in Group C with Spain, Italy and the Republic of Ireland.

    Sit back, relax and enjoy the five top WAGs of Poland, Ukraine and Croatia.

5. Kristen Pazik (USA/Poland/Ukraine)

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    Kristen Pazik is a model who was born in Minnesota and is Polish by blood. She is currently married to Andriy Shevchenko who played for AC Milan, Chelsea, Dynamo Kiev and the Ukrainian National Football Team as a midfielder.

    The pair have two sons whose names are Jordan and Christian according to Total Football Madness. Ms. Pazik is the daughter of Mike Pazik, who was once a pitcher for the Minnesota Twins in the 1970's according to Baseball Reference.

4. Anna Przybylska (Poland)

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    Anna Przybylska is a Polish actress and model who starred in films such as Warsaw Dark and The Chauffeur as reported by IMDb. She is married to Jaroslav Bieniuk, who is a retired defender for the Polish National Football Team according to ESPN Soccernet.

    The pair is mentioned as part of the history of Polish Football and its WAGs.

3. Dorota Rabczewska (Poland)

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    Dorota Rabczewska (also known as Doda) is a Polish singer who appeared in various programs on TV and recorded several albums. According to IMDb, she is a member of MENSA because of her IQ and was a member of a rock band called Virgin.

    Doda married Radoslav Madjan who was the goalkeeper of the Polish National Football Team in 2005. They divorced three years later but she is mentioned in this slideshow for historic purposes.

2. Monika Puchalski (Poland)

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    According to IMDb and The Spoiler, Monika Puchalski and her husband Lukas Podolski are from Poland. Monika Puchalski earned her right as a WAG since her husband once played as a forward for Bayern Munich before switching to FC Cologne.

    Podolski (according to ESPN Soccernet) also played as a forward for the German National Football Team. Here is a photo of the happy couple with their son taken from YouTube.

1. Nives Celzijus (Croatia)

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    Nives Celzjius is from Croatia and is a socialite who was or is the WAG of AEK Athens player Dino Drpic. Ms. Celzjius also works or worked as a columnist for Bild magazine in Germany.

    Ms. Celzjius was also a Playboy model and is a singer. She is seen here in a recent Croatian Television program singing one of her greatest hits called "Gol" which is dedicated to Lionel Messi, Fernando Torres and Cristiano Ronaldo.

    I was unable to obtain much information about her except from a previous article by BR reporter Wags Willy and Wikipedia. At least the current version of her hit song is better than a previous YouTube recording of it.


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    The Euro 2012 in Poland and the Ukraine is the beginning for the opening of new frontiers for football events. It is hoped that between Euro 2012 and the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, there will be more slidshows and articles highlighting this new chapter.

    I would like to thank the readers of BR for their time in viewing one of the latest Euro 2012 slideshows concerning Poland, Ukraine, and Croatia. It would be fitting to finish the slideshow with Vika whose is one of the latest rock wonders from Ukraine.

    Vika recorded and interpreted a song called "I'm Not Alone" which is a hymn to everything positive in life. My best wishes to everyone until the next time.