MLB Draft 2012: Comparing Joey Gallo to Adam Dunn

BR StudiosFeatured ColumnistJune 1, 2012

The names Buster Posey, Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper represent the exciting young stars that constitute Major League Baseball at present.

With the annual MLB first-year player draft (June 4-6 this year) comes the hope of organizations and fans alike that players drafted will emerge as major stars in the future, or even better, make a difference at the big league level right away.

The aforementioned Strasburg and Harper are doing that at the very moment, making the Nationals a very competitive club in 2012. That's what teams like Houston, Minnesota, Seattle, Baltimore and Kansas City are hoping for this turnaround, as they select 1-5 in the first round. 

Solid major league pitching is always at a premium, so it goes as no surprise that six of the top 10 prospects for 2012 are, in fact, hurlers. But the top prospect nod goes to Byron Buxton, a senior at Appling County High School in Georgia. As an outfielder and baserunner, he possesses top-end speed with a line-drive stroke at the plate. 

Nipping at his heels for top billing is Mark Appel from Stanford, a right-handed pitcher with an intimidating presence on the mound and a mid-90s fastball. Experts certainly disagree on which of these two big-time prospects should be selected first overall.

Yet the MLB draft is not about one player or position; it's about building for the future and strengthening one's organization for World Series titles in the future. This video series will try to compare that incoming talent to the stars of today to help put these new names and faces into context.