Life As a Rangers Fan Not Getting Easier

Jordan HofeditzAnalyst IFebruary 6, 2009

Things haven't been easy on people who cheer for the home team at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington over the past 10 seasons.

The biggest complaint of most is the lack of pitching. The glory years, late 1990s, saw Rick Helling and Aaron Sele lead the Rangers' rotation and Jeff Zimmerman picking up saves left and right.

Now the rotation is ever changing. Usually combining pitchers on their way out and pitchers who are trying to break into the majors, and a lot of injuries.

Things seemed to be looking up as for the first time in years a predominant starting pitcher was seriously considering the Rangers. Ben Sheets has been a dominant pitcher over the past few seasons including starting an All Star game. With some improvements to the team and in management (most notably Nolan Ryan) the Rangers were in the mix.

But things weren't meant to be. A probable surgery has put that plan not only on hold, but ended it.

Once again the Rangers will have a starting rotation that will leave fans with a lot of questions and wanting more.