Celtics Fans to Don Tim Donaghy Masks During Game 3?

Holly MacKenzie@stackmackNBA Lead BloggerJune 1, 2012

photo via CBS
photo via CBSChris Hondros/Getty Images

If you notice anything strange in the stands during tonight’s Celtics/Heat game, don’t be alarmed.

What you’re likely seeing is a group of fans wearing cut-out Tim Donaghy masks. Yes, really. After there being a lot of talk about officiating in the first two games of this series—both Heat victories–Boston sports radio hosts Toucher & Rich of 98.5 The Sports Hub created a print out mask of Tim Donaghy for Boston fans to wear to the game tonight.

From CBS Boston:

Let’s face it, folks: the fix is in. So let David Stern know how you feel on national television tonight by wearing your very own TIM DONAGHY MASK.

Just print it out, cut along the lines, and wear it proudly at tonight’s Celtics game!!!

Donaghy, of course, is the former NBA official caught in the middle of a sports-betting scandal. While that’s one way to allow your opinions to be heard, this is a little too much isn't it? Whatever happened to booing the officials or chanting “bull****” in unison? Do we really need to be wearing masks of disgraced former officials?

Regardless of your thoughts on the officiating in this series, nothing good is going to come out of wearing these masks. Besides looking like a fool on national television, of course. If that’s what you’re going for, go ahead, print out a mask and put it on. Recognize that complaining about the officiating is not going to win the Celtics this series. The more they—or their fans—focus on the foul calls, the more they get away from their own game plan.

Obviously, I’m not a fan of this idea. How about you? Would you don a Donaghy mask?