Raiders: Please Leave Nnamdi Asomugha Alone

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Raiders: Please Leave Nnamdi Asomugha Alone

All of you should know who Nnamdi Asomugha is, but for those who don't, he is an elite cornerback for the Oakland Raiders. He is arguably one of the best cover corners in the NFL and has been for three years now. 

The young man, at just 27, has spent his entire career in silver and black, and I believe it is about time he gets out. Asomugha, however will more then likely be tagged with the franchise label, which will keep him a Raider for another miserable year. 

He does not want a long term contract with the Raiders. Come to think of it, who does? The franchise tag is something he can not get out of because teams would have to trade two first-round picks to sign him. This obviously will not happen; the only team that would be desperate enough is, ironically, the Raiders. 

Who is to blame for this? Owner Al Davis. Go figure. Although, I do respect what he is trying to do with his franchise *cough*, really, I am! I mean, he drafts the tallest person at every position as well as guys who can run really fast in a straight line. That's important!

Sarcasm aside, Davis needs to learn from what other teams have done. There is a point in every franchise when they need to say they messed up and fix it. The Raiders need to rebuild, and dragging Asomugha through this should not be part of the plan. 

What they should do trade him to an NFC team. This works out for both parties, as the NFC will get the best corner in the league and the Raiders will most likely acquire a first-round pick that they can blow on a talent that they don't need (for an example, see the drafting of McFadden while the team already had Bush and Fargas).

Plus, Asomugha playing in the NFC means he won't be a threat to the AFC West-dwelling Raiders.

Asomugha, like most talent, will thrive once he leaves the Black Hole. What's funny is that the Raiders' stadium is nicknamed the Black, it's because it sucks the life out of people. To the Raiders, again, I say let Nnamdi Asomugha leave. Give him the chance for a future elsewhere.

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