My Favorite Sports Related Video: George Brett Talking About His Bowel Movements

Brett CooperContributor IFebruary 6, 2009

As a sports fanatic and comedy lover, I am an avid viewer of classic funny sports videos.

Some of my all-time favorites include the Jeff Van Gundy/Alonzo Mourning piggyback ride, Tim McCarver getting Gatorade dumped on him by Deion Sanders followed his "Real Mature Deion" remarks, and Jose Canseco's failed attempt at catching a ball on the warning track only to see it go off his head and over the outfield fence for a home run.

However, a video that goes under the radar is George Brett during spring training for the Royals, speaking about his past experiences and his uncontrollable bowel movement attacks. (Here's the link:

My favorite part of the video is, after telling his entire hilarious story, he asks the player to whom he was telling the story "Who's the pitcher of this game?". Unbelievable and hilarious.