BR5: Top 5 Sports Flops

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In sports, there is always somebody trying to get away with something. Players attempt to find a competitive edge any way that they can. The best example of this is with the flop. It crosses all sports boundaries, all languages and all surfaces. Plainly, it happens everywhere, to the horror of fans the world over. Here is our top-five worst sports flops...

At No. 5 on the worst flops list is New York Knick Barron Davis. Davis is an L.A. native who is apparently friendly with Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba. Clearly, he got a few free lessons from the two during his time in the City of Angels. Back in 2007, as a Golden State Warrior, Davis turned in an Oscar-worthy performance when he flopped while walking by Mehmet Okur. Brutal...

At No. 4 is everyone’s favorite NBA personality: LeBron James. James has definitely solidified himself as one of the NBA’s best players; he’s also starting to develop a rep as a flopper, though... In this magical moment, LeBron goes up for a rebound and fakes like Derrick Rose caught him in the face with his hand. Not terrible, but when you consider the wink he gives his bench after Rose gets called, well, that’s just sad!

At No. 3, we turn to football. No, not the one played with a round ball and net—the kind played with pads and goalposts. Here we look back at the Cincinnati Bengals’s Jerome Simpson. After trying to pull a Cleveland Browns defensive tackle off of a pile chasing a fumble, the DT gets up and brushes Simpson off. Simpson then jumps out of there like he just stepped on a landmine! Truly a memorable moment in flopping history.

At No. 2, we decided to drift from sports a bit to recognize a truly amazing flop—or, rather, a guy trying to grab his flip-flop. Watching this drunk guy try desperately to retrieve a stray flip-flop is probably one of the most entertaining things you can do for a minute or two. He should probably stick to laces from now on; flip-flop technology is too advanced for this guy...

It wouldn’t be a flop list if there wasn’t a soccer/football player at the top of it. There were plenty to choose from, but we settled on Bryan Carrasco. In this clip, Carrasco, of the Chilean team, goes next level with flopping by premeditating the act. He grabs the defender’s hand, slaps himself in the face with it and then flops like a fish! It doesn’t get much better or worse than that!

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