Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane Could Learn a Thing or 2 from Nicklas Lidstrom

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Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane Could Learn a Thing or 2 from Nicklas Lidstrom
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Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane is the subject of what is now an annual ritual. That would be the sentiment that his boorish off-ice behavior merits a trade out of the organization.

Regardless of how you feel, Kane might do well to take in the press conference that took place when Detroit Red Wings captain Nicklas Lidstrom announced his retirement.

Here's a bit of what Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch had to say about Lidstrom:

Always right there, no variations. Get out there, get the job done and be a professional. Be a human being, be a good citizen. Don't do things that will hurt your reputation, hurt your team.

Chicago GM Stan Bowman could cut that quote out and paste it to Kane's locker next season. He probably had similar ideas when the team met with Kane following another media storm after Kane's escapades in Madison, Wis., back in early May.

Kane's antics, alleged or otherwise, during the Cinco de Mayo celebration following the 2011-12 season are just the latest in what has been a pattern of behavior for the talented 23-year-old. Wipe away the hearsay and anonymous recollections and several constants are revealed.

  1. Patrick Kane is 23 years old and behaves like you would expect a wealthy young man to on his own time.
  2. Patrick Kane likes a good party.
  3. Patrick Kane isn't afraid to mingle.
  4. Patrick Kane likes to drink.

It's hard to dispute these facts. Kane and his propensity for the red solo cup make for interesting conversation. Does he have the right to unwind in whatever manner he chooses? After all, thousands of young men his age will likely be engaged in similar actions at backyard get-togethers this weekend.

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Of course, few of those young men are as high-profile as Kane. Few are being paid the money the Blackhawks are giving a member of their core of stars.

Finding Kane under the table is a cottage industry for media sites like Deadspin. Not every 23-year-old has to face that scrutiny. However, not every 23-year-old is paid to be, among other things, the face of the organization.

I'm sure that organization is not thrilled to see that face in the gutter as often as it does.

I thought that despite a drop in numbers this season, Kane did some growing up on the ice. He moved to a new position for a good portion of the year and made an effort to be more responsible on both ends.

Like last summer, I'm going to let the "Trade Kane" bandwagon pass me at the junction. I'm not saying that Kane needs to be moved. I'm not saying that he has to be a teetotaler. I just want him to avoid those situations that can damage his reputation before they start to damage his team.

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