NHL: The 20 Dumbest, Accidental, Needless or Undeserved Injuries Caught on Video

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NHL: The 20 Dumbest, Accidental, Needless or Undeserved Injuries Caught on Video
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Injuries and hockey seem to go hand in hand.

When you have very large men skating very fast trying to check each other, injuries are bound to happen.

Some injuries over the course of NHL history, however, do not seem to fit the mold of being just a part of the game.

Sometimes, the injury is the result of a dumb play or decision by one or more players.

Sometimes, it is a fluke, like a skater catching a blade and crashing into the boards.

On other occasions, the injury is just completely needless or undeserved.

On other occasions still, the injury is the result of what can only be described as a cheap shot inflicted by one player on the other.

This article will explore what are, in my opinion anyway, the 20 dumbest, accidental, needless or undeserved injuries that were actually caught on film, or video or a web-cast, etc.

The fact that the injury had to be available on video will likely make this list a bit different from other ones in the past.

For instance, Jaromir Jagr dislocating his shoulder trying to take a swipe at Scott Gomez has to be one of the dumbest injuries ever in the NHL. But I did not locate a video for it. So, it is not here.

Also, I did not include the throat slash injuries suffered by Clint Malarchuk or Richard Zednick. Some people do not react well to the sight of blood and if you have seen either of these injuries before, they are both rather gruesome. Both men, thankfully, survived to skate again.

Also, I did not really make any attempt to rank these as I found trying to come up with criteria to rank them to be very, very difficult. Do you base it on the extent of the injury? Is intent to injure a bigger factor than the injury being the result of people being stupid? I found it really hard to answer those questions—so I decided not to.

What follows, then, is a listing, with video footage, of the 20 dumbest, accidental, needless or undeserved injuries in NHL history.

If you know of others, and you find video footage, please do not hesitate to leave a comment. I make no claims that this list is somehow all inclusive. Far from it.

In any event, let the carnage begin.

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