Tottenham Transfer Debate: Keep Luka Modric or Take the Money?

Trent Scott@ IIIJune 1, 2012

Tottenham midfielder Luka Modric
Tottenham midfielder Luka ModricClive Rose/Getty Images

Put on your fantasy chairman hats for a minute and consider the following:

Which is better for Tottenham Hotspur moving forward?

Moving Luka Modric along in this transfer window and making up for some of the missing Champions League revenue to find a way into the Champions League or keeping Luka Modric and giving it one more go in hopes of securing Champions League football?

Obviously, the goal is simple: Tottenham want Champions League football.

The question is which is the better way of obtaining that goal?

If Modic has a massive Euro 2012 tournament, Tottenham would have the leverage to make a massive windfall for the Croatia midfielder, possibly in the range of €55 million.

Even if he doesn't have a sensational tournament, he could still bring in upwards of €40 million.

But, is that amount of money worth giving up the midfield maestro? Is there a combination of players that can replace the little midfield general?

I'll begin the proceedings.

If you could guarantee that Tottenham would acquire Jan Vertonghen, a midfielder such as Yohan Cabaye—or a player of that ilk—and a forward such as Loic Remy and still have some cash left over, I might be tempted to take the offer.

If, however, you couldn't land at least three exceptional players for Modric, then I'd keep the Croatian and see what I could find to help bolster the wings, the center of defense and find a target man up front on the cheap.

Now, let's hear what you have to say on the matter.

Answer the poll and have your say on whether Spurs should:

*Sell Luka Modric

  • What price would you ask for?
  • Who would you get for the money?


*Keep Luka Modric

  • Who would you look to buy?
  • What could help convince him it's the right decision?