To Bo Pelini, It Is All About Team

Big Red NetworkSenior Writer IFebruary 6, 2009

Remember the Bad Ole Days? Typically we try to erase those from our memories. Unfortunately, there are records kept for as long as records have been kept. So, when our great-grandkids go through the annals, they will always read about a coach named Callahan.

When asked, you’ll have all kinds of things to say about him. We’ll remember that he isn’t fond of hillbillies. We’ll lament on the fact that he humbly said that he excelled in every part of his job. We’ll remember his stunning record as a head coach.

While Bo Pelini’s records are only a year into the making, when the paint has dried on his (hopefully) long career at Nebraska, I think one thing will stick out: his focus on the team being more important than any one individual.

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