Gotye Parody Video: Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow Featured in Newest Remix

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMay 31, 2012

Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow and the most popular song in the world combine to create a spot-on parody music video. 

I will go ahead and ask the world to stop with the Gotye parody songs now, because the good ones have been created and you will only fall flat from an epic fail if you attempt the same. 

We have all seen the same song parody with Kobe Bryant as the theme

Now we get the two biggest names in the NFL offseason colliding with two fans sounding off in the complex feelings of loss. 

First comes a Colts fan who pines for Peyton Manning, a quarterback that was once received with disappointment and then spoiled fans with win after win. 

Best line from the open, via YouTube:  

But secretly I wanted Ryan Leaf
But I was wrong and you're the best I can remember

This wouldn't do the original justice if it weren't filled with body paint and also a duet with an attractive young lady. 

It really wouldn't be an NFL parody, actually, without some mention of Tim Tebow. She delves into the deep and complex feelings of Denver Broncos fans who were forced to see Tebow leave.

Despite being a below average quarterback, fans were forced to care. 

Now and then I think of all the games you screwed us over
Part of me not caring 'cause of all the games you had won
But Elway didn't wanna play that way
Scoring six points every single game

Sweet and to the point. I laughed, I cried and was taken back to the great 2011 season. Now please cease and desist with the thought that you can out do these. 

That is how a perfectly fine song gets murdered. 

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