Is the NFL Network's #50 Ranking of Peyton Manning Crazy?

NFL Draft 365Official AccountMay 31, 2012

The NFL Network had Peyton Manning ranked 50th in its top players for 2012. Manning 50th? If you are a fantasy player, you may be tempted to take him before a lot of other QBs who are ranked much higher.  Why would you pass on a guy who threw for 4,700 yards and 33 touchdowns in 2010? Of course, Manning will be protected by one of the best offensive lines in football as well.

No. 50? The 50th-best player in football? 

With the exception of last season, Manning had dominated the NFL for 13 straight years. Does that mean he’s the 50th-best player in the league just because he didn’t play a single down last year? In 2011, Manning was ranked as the No. 2 overall player.

At 36 years old, Manning still has some years left. The fire in his belly has got to be burning hotter than ever. If Manning doesn’t have enough to motivate him in 2012, he ought to just post on the team’s bulletin board that he’s the NFL Network’s 50th-ranked player.