A Small Intro...

clash terribleContributor IFebruary 6, 2009

I have been registered with Bleacher Report for a while now, and I am a committed follower of couple of writers here. I myself write quite a bit about sports and related issues, but have never thought of expressing them on an exclusive platform like B/R which focuses on sports writing.

I have been weighing up the odds of writing some articles here about sports and eventually I have made a decision to do so.

As primers, i will be reproducing the same articles that I have written in my blog with some structural changes and so on. Some of them are quite outdated, as most of them were contextual commentaries.

A large portion of them were written about India, Indian sports, and that makes it ever important as things are quite worse in India for sports other than cricket.

I will start off with a an article I wrote just after India's so called "successful stint" in the Beijing Olympics.

The article will follow as my next post.

As far I know people involved on B/R are proactive, and not reserved about making their points. So corrections, suggestions and constructive criticism will all be welcomed!