Top 10 Worst NFL Fanbases

Joey LucaniaContributor IFebruary 6, 2009

In today's NFL, fans relish every opportunity to talk and brag about why their team has the best fans in the league. In turn, one of the newest topics of discussion in the NFL is deciding which teams have good fans and which teams have horrible ones.

When discussing the quality of a fan base, many factors must be taken into consideration, such as game attendance, tailgating, treatment of the opposition, and how the fan base fairs when their team struggles.

While not every fan base can be as good as the Raiders fans, Steelers fans, or Packers fans, some teams simply are unable to build a strong fan base in their city for whatever reason.

Below, I have compiled a list of what I believe to be the top 10 worst fan bases in the NFL.


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10. New York Giants Fans

Maybe it's the fact that many of the New Yorkers are torn between two different teams. Perhaps it's partly due to how they play in America's largest and most highly publicized city. Nevertheless, Giants fans can be pretty fickle.

Before the Giants had won the Super Bowl, despite the Giants' two consecutive playoff births, every Giant fan was calling for the release of Manning, showering him with boos and labels such as "bust" and "Peyton's adopted brother".

They wanted him booted out of New York and never allowed back in. Then the moment Manning won the Super Bowl MVP, every fan claimed that he was an amazing quarterback who had simply been put under too much pressure and needed time to develop.

In addition, those people sporting Manning jerseys are the same people who will be wearing Brett Favre and other New York Jets jerseys the minute the Giants begin to falter.


9. Atlanta Falcons Fans

Even when the Falcons do good, they usually have a tough time filling up the seats in the Dome. The 2007 season with Michael Vick's arrest and Bobby Petrino's abrupt exit may have weakened the fan base significantly, and may have left scars that may never heal with the Falcon fans.

Yet even with the team's recent playoff appearance, the University of Georgia Bulldogs and the Braves draw more attention than the birds.


8. New Orleans Saints Fans

It was not easy to put the Saints up on this list, especially since the few, real fans have endured such a horrible tradition of losing in the Superdome, and after the Cinderella story of the 2006 Saints. 

Unfortunately, the Saints fans were the ones who popularized and made the paper bags wearing style famous.

In addition, they also referred to their team as the Aint's, and the Superdome had not seen a significant amount of fan support prior to the 2006 season.


7. Philadelphia Eagles Fans

The definition of a fan is somebody who goes to a game to provide support for and cheer on their team. Philadelphia Eagles fans will do everything but that. These people will look for any little excuse to bombard the team with boos and criticism. It doesn't matter who you are, or what you have done for this team.

If you do not lead them to a Super Bowl victory, Eagle fans will automatically call for your release and they will even resort to death threats if they are mad enough.

Even after McNabb lead Philly to six consecutive playoff appearances, and took them to Super Bowl XXXIX, every Eagle fan wanted his head on a platter following one, mediocre 2005 season.

The infamous story of the fans booing and pelting Santa Clause with snowballs speaks for itself. Along with that, the old Veterans' Stadium was the only NFL stadium to ever have a courtroom and temporary jailhouse built into it.


6. Dallas Cowboys Fans

There is no doubt that America's Team has some of the most bandwagon fans in pro sports. When the Cowboys excel and are at the top of their game, people all over the country, most notably in California and Arizona, decide to sport T.O. and Romo jerseys.

Then, the minute the fans find out that their Cowboys aren't the Super Bowl champions, every piece of fan apparel with a star on it goes in the trash. Those people who you see wearing the giant star on their jackets will most likely be sporting Colts/Steelers jerseys the minute their Cowboys begin to lose.


5. San Diego Chargers Fans

Any football fan who has lived in southern California for the past 10-20 years can attest to the fickleness of the Charger fans. Following their crushing defeat in Super Bowl XXIX, the Charger fan base was almost non-existent.

The city had disowned the team, Charger fans were scarcely seen, and the fans who did show up for home games were constantly outnumbered by waves of opposing fans taking over the stadium.

Then, the minute they won a division title in 2004, people who previously could have cared less about the Bolts began sporting brand new LT jerseys fresh out of the stores, claiming to have been lifelong fans. The interesting question is when LT leaves and the Bolts go back to their same old selves, will these people be wearing Raider jerseys, or 49er jerseys?


4. New England Patriots Fans

Perhaps much of the criticism has been focused on Patriots fans due to the Spygate incident and their three recently won Super Bowls. Nevertheless, it can be safely said that, apart from the Cowboys, the Patriots have the most band-wagoners of any NFL team.

Similarly to the Chargers, you rarely saw any " die-hard" Patriot fans walking around prior to their championship seasons. But after they won Super Bowl XXXVI, thousands of "lifelong" fans began to pop up out of nowhere. There is a good chance that 97 percent of Patriot fans have no clue who Irving Fryar or Steve Grogan were.

And just as we had all expected, the fanbase has become alarmingly quiet ever since the team missed the playoffs in 2008. Their "never ending" support of Bill Belichick and their constant claims of how they didn't cheat have all vanished, and most of the current fans are either hiding or donning Brett Favre jerseys.


3. Detroit Lions Fans

Putting the Lions fans up here wasn't easy, and you must give credit to any fan who can stick through an 0-16 season. But despite that, you feel like you're supposed to talk as if you were in a library if you went to a Lions' game. For years, these people supported Matt Millen and the disaster that he had turned the Lions into.

But all of a sudden, it finally hit them that Millen needed to go. In the end, however, any brave soul who calls themselves a Detroit Lions fan should automatically be entitled to a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fans for sticking through this mess.


2. Jacksonville Jaguars Fans

The Jaguars are the only team in the NFL that can cover the entire view section of their stadium, have local t.v. and radio stations buy game tickets, and still face a black out in a prime-time game against a hated division rival.

It can be understood that the Jaguars are not that big in a SEC state that is huge on college football.

But when your team makes the playoffs, has an exciting two man combo at running back, and still can't fill enough seats to sell out a game, there is no question that your city does not deserve an NFL team.

In addition, three of the NFL's 10 blacked out games in 2007 occurred in Jacksonville. That being said, the Jaguars have rightfully earned their spot at No. 2 on this list.


1. Arizona Cardinal Fans

Even after the Cardinals made it to Super Bowl XLIII, how many die-hard Cardinals fans have you seen walking around? I truly believe that the Cardinals' fanbase wouldn't have become much stronger even if they had beaten the Steelers in the Super Bowl.

Roughly 80 percent of all Arizona sports fans are on the Cowboys' bandwagon, and the Cardinals have to create special ticket packages just to keep the massive armies of opposing fans out of their stadium.

Prior to the Super Bowl, there was even an article in USA Today about how surprisingly quiet the Cardinal fans are compared to the Steeler fans about their teams.

While it can be understood why thousands of fans were drawn away from the Cards due to such a horrible tradition of failure, there is no excuse for a fanbase being as quiet as the Cardinal fans are when their team has made their first Super Bowl in franchise history, and has one of the most exciting offenses in football.

So congratulations Arizona, you are unfit for a pro football team.


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