Aaron Rodgers and the Most Likeable Players in the NFL

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Aaron Rodgers and the Most Likeable Players in the NFL

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    As viewers in the outside world, athletes almost seem nonhuman at times. 

    Fans can't get enough of players that show that they are human and play a bigger role in the world, besides football. Feeling somewhat connected to athletes is huge for fans. 

    Football players are modern-day warriors. We don't expect anything other than players smashing into each other. However, these eight players have shown to be the most likable players in the NFL and that they are still human. 

Aaron Rodgers

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    Whenever he has been knocked down, Aaron Rodgers has seemed to get back up defy the odds. 

    After a record-breaking high school career, Rodgers did not see the love from colleges he expected. Rodgers then went to Butte Community College for a season before transferring to Cal. 

    After two seasons at Cal, Rodgers entered the NFL draft as the potential top pick. After the 49ers took Alex Smith with the No. 1 selection, Rodgers slipped all the way to the Green Bay Packers at No. 24, and, of course, Brett Favre was still a Packer. 

    Favre wasn't too happy and didn't mentor Rodgers, but Rodgers still learned a lot watching the legend. Rodgers sat three years before becoming the starter and has now won an MVP and Super Bowl for the Packers. 

    Fans love Rodgers' competitiveness, and you have to love Rodgers in the famous State Farm "Discount Double Check" commercials. 


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Chad Ochocinco

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    Chad Ochocinco is pure entertainment for football fans. 

    Ochocinco, formerly known as Chad Johnson, has always kept fans entertained. Changing his name isn't close to the wildest antic Ochocinco has done in his career. 

    Fans had to love Ochocinco's career as a Bengal. Ochocinco was a star in Cincinnati with his stats, touchdown celebrations and crazy interviews.

    If you want to be entertained, please follow Ochocinco on Twitter, where he recently posted a video of his car being robbed, and he is mostly upset about having his Starbucks gold card stolen.


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Donald Driver

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    Donald Driver has been productive on and off the field. 

    Driver, a veteran receiver with the Green Bay Packers, is the latest winner of Dancing with the Stars. Driver showed his fun personality along with his competitiveness on the hit show. 

    On the hit show, we all learned of Driver's rough past. Driver grew up in a homeless environment and was in the drug game as a young kid.

    The Packers all-time leading receiver used football as his outlet and made the best out of being a seventh round draft pick by the Packers.

    Driver founded the Donald Driver Foundation in 2001 with a focus on homelessness, education and health and wellness initiatives. Fans have to love Driver's passionate personality on and off the field. 


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Marshawn Lynch

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    Marshawn Lynch is another example of pure entertainment in the NFL. 

    Lynch, or self-proclaimed "Beast Mode," has become a star in Seattle. Fans embraced the highly entertaining Lynch, who has a great combination of power and speed as a running back. 

    What does Lynch have in common with candy? Apparently a lot, as Lynch eats Skittles after he scores, wears Skittles cleats and fans now throw Skittles on the field after he scores. 

    Lynch is pure entertainment for fans, and we can't wait to see what "Beast Mode" will do next. 


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Alex Smith

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    Alex Smith may not be the crazy entertainer that fans love, but Smith is still one of the most likable players in the NFL. 

    Smith has faced a mountain of scrutiny since being the top pick in the NFL draft. Many people felt Smith was a complete flop for the 49ers until taking them to the NFC Championship Game last season. 

    Not only has Smith overcame adversity on the field, the 49er is one of the best off the field. The Alex Smith Foundation is a fantastic organization that provides foster teens with tools and resources to have a successful transition to being adults.

    Though he's not the most entertaining, fans have to love his passion on and off the field.


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Brett Keisel

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    Brett Keisel is a beast of a man with a godly beard. 

    Keisel's beard has two lives: football and charity. 

    The famous beard is pure genius during the football season and perfectly embodies the mold of a vintage Steeler. Keisel shaved his beard in February as part of "Shear the Beard," a fundraiser that helps support Children's Hospital. 

    The beard is gone, but the legend lives on and fans have to love Keisel as he seems to be pure football on the field and pure heart off the field.


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Larry Fitzgerald

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    Larry Fitzgerald is a great example of a star on and off the field. 

    Fitzgerald, an All-Pro receiver, may be just as good off the field as he is on the field. The work Fitzgerald has done off the field ranges from visiting troops to charity softball games and much more. Fitzgerald is specifically a huge part of both the Carol Fitzgerald Memorial Fund and Larry Fitzgerald First Down Fund. Recently, Fitzgerald took a mission to Southeast Asia with former teammate Anquan Boldin. 

    Fitzgerald displays a calm confidence on the field that shows he plays the game the right way, and, more importantly, his play off the field may be just as impressive as his play on the field. 


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Drew Brees

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    Drew Brees has completely rejuvenated New Orleans.

    The star of the Saints took New Orleans under his wing after the horrors of Hurricane Katrina. Brees has been unbelievably generous off the field and lifted the people of New Orleans by leading the Saints to a Super Bowl victory.

    The Brees Dream Foundation has done wonders for the world. The foundation was founded in 2003 and is in research for advancements in cancer and provides care, education and opportunities for children and families in need.

    Brees has won numerous awards for his work off the field, and along with his outstanding play as a quarterback, there's simply no way not to like him.


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