Phelps' actions should cost him

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Phelps' actions should cost him

Boy, can the world crash down on a person quickly. From winning 14 gold medals at the Olympics to now being dropped by Kellogg's sponsorship and having USA Swimming suspend you, Michael Phelps' decision to (apparently) smoke the reefer is now tarnishing his image and future. The question is: Why put yourself in a location that will undoubtedly make you look bad? In 2004, Phelps was arrested and pleaded guilty to DWI. He said then that "I recognize the seriousness of this mistake." Really Michael? We've all made mistakes and should be given a second chance, but this new incident with a drug that will alter your body mentally and physically can't go without punishment. Millions of people look up to athletes because they're larger than life. Have some pride in your image. Partying at bars or houses, while your a famed athlete, will cause some problems. As it did with Phelps.
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