WWE: Has Brodus Clay's "Funkasaurus" Gimmick Run Its Course?

Robert AitkenAnalyst IJune 8, 2012

After 22 victories as the Funkasaurus, Brodus Clay did something on Monday that he has not done since he returned to the ring. Clay was slated for a match against Big Show and did not defeat his opponent this time around.

Sure, he also didn't lose the match because it never officially happened.

However, Clay looked about as weak as ever, not even getting in offense on the destructive Big Show. The intent was so that the newly-heel Show would be strongly built up with momentum in time for his steel cage match with John Cena at No Way Out. However, in the first RAW main event match of Clay's WWE career, Clay might as well have lost.

It wasn't just Clay that suffered the fate as Kofi Kingston and R-Truth, co-holders of the WWE Tag Team Championships, were both torn apart by Big Show as well. For Clay, however, it was the first real time since donning the Funkasaurus gimmick that he was beaten down by anyone. It kept Clay off of television until tonight's Smackdown episode, when he is scheduled to compete.

I have seen his match from tonight's episode, which has him against Derrick Bateman.

There's no real need to say that there are spoilers involved if I inform that Clay is victorious and keeps his streak going. However, there is a change in Clay's demeanor. He does do some dancing and smiling with Cameron and Naomi, but the dancing stops during the match with Bateman. Clay is vicious and Clay makes each of his offensive moves hurt like few of his match since his return with this gimmick.

There was also another point of information involving Clay on tonight's episode.

Prior to the match, it was stated that Clay would exclusively be on Smackdown. Despite the fact that Smackdown stars appear on RAW as a part of the SuperShow idea, Clay cannot be seen on RAW to keep him out of the path of Big Show.

This move does a few things.

For one, it keeps Big Show and Brodus Clay away from one another while their feud can still brew under the surface. It also helps Clay hone his craft by putting him on a taped program. Mistakes in his matches can be worked out and his offense can have the wrinkles ironed out. More importantly, this now puts Smackdown into a place where they are the home of men on undefeated streaks.

Now, Smackdown has four competitors riding flawless undefeated streaks.

Clay joins Damien Sandow, Sin Cara and Ryback as undefeated Smackdown superstars. This means that something will soon have to give with someone. Sandow just began his streak, Ryback is beating two opponents at once and Sin Cara just returned from injury. This leaves Clay and his undefeated streak most likely to end.

Imagine the scenario where Clay gradually stops with the dancing with kids after the match, shaking his booty with the Funkadactyls, and telling us to call his momma. Eventually, a loss will come Clay's way, possibly at the doing of John Laurinaitis. Then, the funk may just stop with Clay.

There won't be anything to dance about and the warpath of Brodus Clay may mirror what we saw from him when he was a dominant NXT rookie and accompanying Alberto Del Rio to the ring. A change can be coming to Brodus Clay, perhaps involving an encounter with a returning Mark Henry.

Can you imagine those two gigantic men colliding with one another?