NBA Draft: Are the Charlotte Bobcats Cursed?

Ethan Sherwood StraussSenior Writer IMarch 24, 2016

This was completely predictable. For all the talk of how Charlotte would be crushed by not winning the rights to Anthony Davis, few noted how the odds were stacked against this. Sure, the Bobcats had a better chance of landing the No. 1 pick than other teams, but that plurality of odds only amounted to a 25 percent shot.

In other words, Charlotte had the same shot of winning these sweepstakes as a decent free-throw shooter has of shanking a freebie. The No. 2 is a wonderful consolation prize, considering those chances. 

But it didn't feel that way. The unveiling of picks made it seem as though Charlotte had a 50 percent chance at Davis when there were "two teams left." In that paradigm, Rich Cho couldn't help but feel disappointed upon realizing that the pick was going to New Orleans

Charlotte's problem is that they stink, not that they're cursed. They consistently draft over-hyped college stars (Sean May, Adam Morrison, perhaps Kemba Walker) and do little in the way of luring free agents.

Think fast: What freak injury befell this team? It's not as though Emeka Okafor was on the precipice of superstardom before suffering some sort of misfortune. To that point, what bad luck have they suffered apart from the kind they invite? They're the kind of team that employs a coach and the coach's son, and leaves it up to you to figure out who's in charge (via ESPN). 

Rich Cho gutted the roster in an obvious tank job, sending Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson packing. The goal was to make a bad thing worse, in hopes of being rescued by long odds. Wednesday night was the predictable outcome for a team, banking on unlikelihood. It's just bad luck that Michael Jordan's their owner.