The 10 Dullest Offenses in NFL History

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The 10 Dullest Offenses in NFL History
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Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints.  What do these groups have in common?  They are the litmus test that defines the great NFL offenses of today.

While effective offense has changed in philosophy through all of football lore, including the modern era, few fans can deny that cheering on or rooting adamantly against a capable NFL offense, sinner a dynamic scoring machine, makes the game that much more entertaining.

Yet, for every yin, there's a yang... for every Batman, there's a Joker... for every fat lady, there's a skinny girl that starts the show.

Watching a dull offense is like watching paint dry.  It is the type of heavy eye sore that develops right above the eye lid, whose weight effectively does the extra work in getting those lids to close, mercifully allowing loyal fans sick from the anemic performance to fall fast asleep.

So, what causes an offense to be less "score" and more "snore?"

Answers to that question can include a boring gameplan, predictability, a lack of talent, poor execution, or a dicey heterogeneous mixture of each of those elements that goes down esophagus like a bottle of so many sharp rocks.

But, above all else, a dull offense is one that doesn't score.  Let's simply be frank: even the most boring concept entertains if points are produced.  On this list, dull essentially equates to bad.

The following list honors the dullest offenses in modern NFL history, those offenses that have been "offensive" in exactly the wrong way during the Super Bowl era.

And, for humor's sake, we'll take a look at a team from 1944 that actually fined its players for lackluster results!

These are the offenses whose sands got stuck at the top of the hour glass, the truly special units that put fans into both a slumber... and those iconic brown paper bag masks!

From offensive haplessness to fan hibernation and everything in-between, these are the ten dullest offenses!

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