WWE News: When WWE Soured on Tensai, His Future

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WWE News: When WWE Soured on Tensai, His Future
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Alas, Tensai's career in WWE hasn't exactly taken off as hoped.

Maybe it's the cartoonish 1980s heel gimmick, his flat, lackluster in-ring performances or the fact that he's been forced to play second-fiddle to Brock Lesnar (who debuted the same night he did) for much of his run. Whatever the reason, the former New Japan star has failed to get over as expected with the fans.

Indeed, Tensai has elicited mostly silence and indifferent reactions during his appearances on Raw and SmackDown. He simply hasn't caught on as a dominant heel, and everyone knows it.

So, how bad are things? In recent times, Tensai has found himself off TV and banished to little-watched Internet-only Superstars. No, that is definitely not a good sign for his career.

In this week's (subscribers-only) Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer confirms that the company has become disillusioned with the star in recent times, as well as mentioning that the gossip in the promotion is that he is due for a gimmick overhaul soon:  

The company decided that Tensai was a flop about a week after he pinned Cena in the TV match. The plan was for Tensai vs. Cena to headline both Over the Limit and No Way Out, but they changed plans and that is what led to Show turning...There was talk this past week of Tensai being repackaged.

There has already been one notable change to his character recently, with the "Lord" being dropped from his name and the star now simply going by Tensai.

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