Joe Calzaghe Forced to Fight Someone His Own Weight, Decides to Retire

Bare KnucksAnalyst IFebruary 5, 2009

The day has come that the undefeated 46-0 (KO 32) Joe Calzaghe has decided to hang up the gloves. Calzaghe ran into a road block, not being able to find a fighter lighter than him willing to jump a weight class only to get their ass kicked. The "Pride of Wales" will inevitably be back in the ring just as every other retired boxer has done before him.

Retirement in boxing could be translated into “taking some time to try to become a movie star, fail miserably and need some extra cash in a few years.” I can’t blame retired boxers who come back though, I’d miss swimming with my Siberian tigers in pools of liquid gold too…errr maybe that’s more Mike Tyson.

Joe Calzaghe has had an interesting career, ripping up his first eight professional opponents for TKOs. He also ended his career with a 69.57% KO, which is only roughly 6% behind Mike Tyson’s 75.86% KO. Calzaghe sure had a hell of a punch for a white guy. [Read more...]