Do the Philadelphia Eagles Have the Best Defensive Line in the NFL?

NFL Draft 365Official AccountMay 29, 2012

Are the Philadelphia Eagles this year's "Dream Team?"

Many think their defensive line is close, as it's much improved from last year.

The Eagles made no secrets about improving their line in the 2012 NFL Draft. For starters, with the 12th overall pick, they took Mississippi State defensive tackle Fletcher Cox. In the second round, the Eagles stayed with defense and took Mychal Kendricks and also defensive end Vinny Curry. 

Playing in the NFC, you have to contend with offensive powerhouses such as the Packers, Lions, Saints and Giants. These are all teams that made the playoffs last year and probably will be competing for the Super Bowl in 2012.

Like 2011, Philly looks great on paper. Do the Eagles have the best defensive line in the NFC this year? The G-men may have a say.

Vince Young is now in Buffalo; a year ago, he called the Eagles the "Dream Team." Young is now gone, but studs such as Cox and Curry are in.