Do the Green Bay Packers Need to Keep Donald Driver?

NFL Draft 365Official AccountMay 29, 2012

Will he stay or will he go now? No, we’re not going old school with the famous Clash song. We’re asking if the Packers will keep their all-time leading receiver, 37-year-old Donald Driver.

Driver said in a radio interview last week that he plans on retiring a Packer and playing at least one more year. If he does, he’ll be forced to take a significant pay cut from the $5 million he’ll be owed for 2012.  Driver and his agent intimated that would not be a problem.

Make no mistake, any team can benefit from a fourteen-year veteran. But the Packers receiving corps is not lacking experience or leadership.  Greg Jennings has been around for seven years, Jordy Nelson five and James Jones six.

So, will it turn out that the last time we saw Donald Driver was on “Dancing With the Stars”?

Stay tuned.