Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds: The Truth Tells All

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Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds: The Truth Tells All

Ah, Barry Bonds, the all-time home run champion, has just recently kicked himself out of Hall of Fame contention, as did Roger "The Rocket" Clemens.

That is because of the recent case of Bonds using steroids and possibly (read: probably) lying to a federal court that he did not know he was taking steroids. Also, Roger is going to be charged with perjury.

The sad thing here is that they both had hall of fame caliber careers without the use of performance enhancing drugs. Bonds was the fastest and most powerful man of his generation; Roger was already a Cy Young winner.

Now, we see them both probably facing some jail time. Since taking the steroids, they are out of shape, and past their primes. I once felt that Bonds and Clemens had a little juice left in their tanks, but they have lost all that they earned since they took performance enhancing drugs.

Look, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds have lost everything. They have made horrible decisions in their life and it does not look bright as they have lost Hall of Fame contention, which they both deserved until we learned the truth.

Children and adults alike wanted to see their kids grow up and be just like their heroes Barry and Roger, and now they have lost that respect as well. Their money, privileges, and so much more.

Now, we see the men of our 1990's generation of baseball heroes going to waste.

Barry Bonds had just broken the home run record; now, he will be lucky if he keeps his title as Home Run Champion. Roger Clemens was finishing his illustrious career in his hometown.

Anyways, with their next trails, Roger must testify against his former doctor and Bonds will be testified against Jason and Jeremy Giambi. But as the clock strikes at the end of the trial, expect Clemens and Bonds to join OJ and Vick as sports stars gone bad.

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