Baltimore Orioles: What The Ty Wigginton Signing Really Means

W. N. MoonContributor IFebruary 5, 2009

So, the Orioles sign Ty Wigginton and everyone talks about the fact he plays 1B, 3B, and both corner outfield spots.  Everyone assumes with his signing, he becomes the everyday 1B, Huff goes back to DH, and Luke Scott becomes the odd man out—the bait dangled for one more arm in the minor leagues. 

But I believe the signing actually is a precursor to the departure of someone much bigger on the Baltimore Orioles: Brian Roberts!

Ty Wigginton's natural position is 2B.  Brian Roberts has been courted all offseason by several teams looking for a 2B, but has not been traded as teams continue to "wait and see" where Orlando Hudson ends up. 

Hudson is a cheaper version of Roberts who will perform slightly below Roberts in most categories but will normally do what you pay him for in the long run.  Why pay with prospects to the Orioles what you can pay (and possibly underpay) for Hudson?

When Hudson signs, however, this weekend or mid-next week, Roberts will be big news again. If the Orioles can't sign him, they'll trade him.  Now, instead of making sure they get a Major League ready 2B, they've got one. His name, Ty Wigginton!