Florida Gators: Can They Win The NIT?

Eric DormanAnalyst IMarch 6, 2008

When the Florida Gators Men's Basketball team started the game against the Tennessee Volunteers, Not many people expected the Gators to come out shooting three pointers the way they did. Tennessee showed the heart of a champion, however, when they came back in the second half.

With Nick Calathes having one of his top career nights and Walter Hodge draining three's early in the first half, the Gators led by 13 at one time in the game.

It's no surprise that Florida just lost energy in the second half.

They came out of halftime like somebody sucked all the energy right out of them. Now they did manage to comeback and give the Vols a run for their money, but the Volunteers were just too good. Chris Lofton displayed his incredibly accurate shooting, Tyler Smith added great toughness in the second half and Bruce Pearl directed his team to a victory. 

It's no wonder why the Volunteers are so good and even when they were down twenty points in the first half, they never panicked.

Florida's Nick Calathas should be the SEC Freshman of the year and Chris Lofton should be the SEC player of the year.

I see Florida heading to the NIT Tournament when the season is all over. Florida has a very talented group of young shooters and just like any other team that lets go of their seniors, they have to recruit new ones and train them in the game.

In the future, Florida will be in the NCAA Tournament, but not for a little while.

Like any great championship caliber team, they have to grow as a family and win and lose as a team.