WWE News: Former Diva Jillian Hall Arrested

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WWE News: Former Diva Jillian Hall Arrested
photo from wwe.com

As Rajah.com notes, former WWE diva Jillian Hall was arrested on April  23 in Orange County, FL., on charges of domestic assault.

Details of the arrest, and the star's deeply unflattering mug shot picture, can be found here on Jailbase.com. 

Interestingly, in a series of tweets over at her official account last week, Hall acknowledged her personal woes, noting that she had recently split from her husband, Mike:

As most of u already assume what's going on with me recently.. some Really horrible things've happened and Mike and i have separated...This news and negativity has been very hard on me, but time is healing. I'll be me very soon :)

Hall, a former Divas Champion, parted ways with WWE in November 2010 after a five-year stint in the company. 

During her time in the promotion, she was known mainly for her singer gimmick, in which she would insist on unleashing her excruciating singing voice on the masses any time she was near a live mic, seemingly unaware of how bad she sounded. 

Since her exit from WWE, she has kept active on the indie scene, making one-off appearances for groups like NWS and WWFX, where she wrestled fellow ex-divas Mickie James and Melina respectively. 

The star has also worked with MTV2's Lucha Libre USA promotion in the past few months, participating in tag matches at various live events.

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